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Falsification of Experience and Qualifications

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Falsification of Experience and Qualifications
Poindexter A. Hocutt
Everglades University

There are a lot of reasons why the opinion’s from the public about the construction industry is not always positive. It takes years to build a great reputation within this industry; however, it can be destroyed in the fraction of that time. The construction industry has some of the most issues when it comes to ethics. A lot of things play a role in this from bid cutting, poor documentation and even unfair treatment of contractors. All of these issues are big issues and there are many more that could be brought up, however, there is one that stood out to me the most, due to it being the most occurring act, which, happens to be competitors’ falsification of experience and qualifications. This false and misleading thing should not be going on. No one should be able to perform engineering work without being a registered professional. There are so many concerns that are present when doing projects with falsified credentials, such as safety and quality of the engineering projects. It may seem that this type of thing is impossible and one may wonder how is this even possible, but there are a lot of things like this going around. Individuals in this industry are making fake degrees and also stealing them from other experience individuals in this profession. Some get off with just fines and being force from there job, however, I think that there should be no easy way out when this is done. You are not only risking your career by doing this but you are risking the safety of the workers and whoever is occupying these facilities or whatever is being constructed.
There was a case in Chicago where two owners of a construction business in that area that faced federal charges for allegedly using companies they controlled to fraudulently obtain government contracts set aside for owners of...

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