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At the same time, however, he shows remarkable fluency in multiple idioms, from the technical acuity of his jazz playing to the tonal control of his contemporary classical work to his folkloric sensitivities in dealing with ancient and modern Arabic music.To anyone who keeps score on developments in avant-garde music, this A-list roster points to the ambitiousness of the venture, which Falzone has been conceiving for at least a year.The term "Renga," says Falzone, refers to a Japanese form of collaborative poetry, which he hopes is a fitting metaphor for what he and his five clarinet counterparts hope to achieve."Over the past couple of years, my flagship band has been KLANG, which is a jazz quartet … and it's going to continue, and …show more content…
Whether all of this proceeds fluidly or results in the sonic equivalent of a train wreck will be known soon: to Falzone, to his band and to everyone listening.Rothenberg's extended techniques, Goldberg's neo-klezmer and jazz leanings, Stein's innovations on bass clarinet, Vandermark's virtuosity on anything with a reed and Jackson's "old school" affinities, as Falzone puts it, certainly give Falzone plenty to work with.If Chicagoan James Falzone isn't the hardest working clarinet player in jazz, he's pretty close to it.The idea, in other words, is to produce a music decidedly less explosive than the work of KLANG. So when Falzone was writing for Renga, he heard in his inner ear "a group with no drums, no percussion involved, all wind based, that would have the ability to play very quietly.

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