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It is a universal situation that people see the shiny side of celebrities and they want to be celebrities, either. Some people attend talent shows on TV, others put their selfies or videos on the Internet and become cewebrities.

Becoming famous brings benefits. Income, of course, is one of the most important factors. With one's fame, albums, books, and films are likely to sell well. Thus, the celebrity gets more income. Also, successful celebrities achieve commercial contracts. They can wear gorgeous clothes and accessories from the sponsors, which is a beautiful dream to many people. What's more, since a celebrity is famous, it is easier for him than ordinary people to appeal to the society to care about charities. Take Bill Gates for example, he donates to various charity organizations, and this kind of behavior makes the society know more about charity. Therefore, charity organizations get more donations, and the celebrity wins the reputation in return.

However, a celebrity pays for living in the spotlight by living a stressful life. To begin with, he loses his privacy. The paparazzi chase after a celebrity everywhere in order to find out how his private life is. For example, the media pay attention to whether a married celebrity has an affair. If he really does, he will be on the headline next day. In addition, this kind of stress not only comes from work but also from others' comments. Since the prosperity of social network, both fans and anti-fans judge the celebrity. As a result, anti-fans may insult or even curse a celebrity, which, in the long haul, can bring psychic trauma to one. When the stress reaches its peak, it will cause the celebrity depression.

In conclusion, it is not easy to play the fame game. We shouldn't over-pursue fame. Make sure that we are ready to withstand all the glory and pressure before we really want to be a…...

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