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Family Health Assessment
Marsha Ricks
Grand Canyon University

Family Health Assessment

Functional Health Patterns
Many different people due to their cultural and ethnic background can define family in many different ways. But one thing that is shared by all families is value and health perception. Families are as diverse as the members that make up the family unit. The Family is the primary social framework in which health promotion of wellness and disease prevention and management takes place, and which the belief system influences the health behavior of its members. The purpose of this paper is to analyze family function health patterns using Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns assessment tool.
Gordon’s health pattern tool is used to obtain a family nursing history that consist of eleven areas of function to assess and to promote areas of wellness as well as identifying health pattern problems. By using this framework the nurse can combine the cumulated data both subjective and objective, build patterns reflective of their lifestyle. (Edelman & Mandle 2010). If nurses assess functional trends and interactions among patterns, then nurses can accurately predict and diagnosis current or potential issues. By doing this they can more effectively facilitate movement in the positive direction of outcomes to promote an ultimate feeling of well-being.
Health Perception/Health Management
In interviewing the Family members I found that their perception of their overall health is described as decent. Although the husband is overweight and is aware of his weight problem he is scheduled to join a local weight-loss center. Both husband and wife work fulltime and are often too busy to cook, therefore daily meals are often consumed at local restaurants. They have two grown children away at college and are in perfect…...