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Jessica K Hirsch Family of Woodstock Paper May 5,2014 Professor Joyce Yip Green

Family of Woodstock is more than a gate away for teens and young adults; it’s the exact opposite. As and interviewee for the upcoming position here at the organization, I would like to give you my full appreciation and any knowledge or reasoning of why I applied. When looking at what organization that I should apply for after getting my degree in human service, I was lending more to helping those young people of our country. Reading and learning what this organization has to offer for the young adolescents that are in need as well as the young adult, I felt right at home to where I need to provide my skills. Here is a little bit of what amazed me and what I appreciated this organization for.

Preparing an organization is hard, understanding the needs of others and what they possess more of is difficult unless one has a heart for it. As the organization of Family of Woodstock began, the founders found several factors that led them to create such an inspirational organization. From learning and understanding exactly why young teens and adults just decided to escape the confines of the world they were living in and helping them get the proper material they need had to be grateful thought out. Once the problem was recognized, there were actual reasons to plan an organization that would help provided needs and materials. Seeing issues as in, sleeping in parking lots, hitchhiking, seeking out foods and clothing. This lead the founders to provided material and ensure the inalienable rights to these materials.

The organization has specialized to meet many of the needs that the community around them needs. Looking back at the history of Family of Woodstock, one can see the multiple areas that this organization has tired and has offered over the forty-year period. Since 1970, when the twenty- four-hour hotline appeared, we can see the changes within the organizations. Helping those seek help with drug and substance abuse issues, and trying to seek funding from the county drug commission. Medical services start to establish as well as the free store. Family of Woodstock has tried to help and offer services each year to issues and topics that have become or is becoming and ongoing struggle or issue. From emergency housing, to domestic violence, to helping teen runaways, the homeless, and walk in centers, family of Woodstock does meet and is still meeting the needs of Ulster county.

When Family of Woodstock began their beliefs and vaules started with helping the young people who were coming to the little town of Woodstock. Many people however did not feel that it was their problem or necessity to help those due to the fact that they believed it wasn’t the making of Woodstock. However, as more and more volunteers started helping, Family of Woodstock started to come together. Volunteers is what made Family of Woodstock, it was built on that belief. The first main volunteer group was called the Soft Landing Machine, which basically helped those who were on drugs. They spent time with them, talked with them and visited. Today, the volunteers and employees are what make Family of Woodstock, with the diverse backgrounds, experience and interests but one thing is for sure they share common values.
Family of Woodstock has branched into different directions but it has primarily stayed on the path as it was founded on: helping and providing those with the easiest ways to get the proper assistance needed to solve ones problems with out doing it for them. Families of Woodstock’s doors are always open, to anyone rather new or old, judging is not allowed. The organization has opportunities for staffers and volunteers are trained to help troubled individuals feel welcomed and feel comfortable.

The way Family of Woodstock has developed in the forty years comes to a conclusion that they are working harder then ever. Providing the services that are needed without too much change. Helping others around the community see the difference that they are making and opportunities for others to help join the Family, so they can help support others as well. All human service organizations go through some changes but as they go through changes the organizations will see what works better for them as times and society has change, as long as they keep with the founding motto and the straight path of helping there is nothing wrong with a little change to improve services.

Human services share a common goal and value and that’s helping to improve ones life, rather its social economic or the economic of well-being of individuals and families that they serve. While most human service programs serve to different clients and offer different services, most clients have many issues and need to seek out numerous services. However, as human services develop programs to help service to the clients we must remember that there should be a numerous of other services as well. When specializing in human services delivers we need to be aware of what major issues are causing suffering in todays society, and what’s the minor issues. This goes to say that specialization of any human service delivers have become a trend across the profession do to the fact that as professionals they now and understand what issues families and individuals go through, rather because of experiences or knowledge.

In conclusion, Family of Woodstock has helped other Human service organizations become specialized in helping. With the knowledge and understanding the importance of helping others, Family of Woodstock has become an organization that has lasted for forty years based on what’s important to them.

References Burger, W. R. (2011).Human services in contemporary America(8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning. EBOOK COLLECTION: Ch. 3 of Human Services in Contemporary America

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