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As people, when we meet other people throughout our lives we usually begin to categorize or classify them and place a level of importance with them as well. For the people I have encountered in my life, I would classify them as supportive and the most important people in my life are my family.
My family has been supportive of me since birth. As a child I was raised by a single mother along with my older brother and my two older sisters. Although things were difficult at times, my family always cared for me and consistently supported me as I grew older and developed in life. My family has supported me throughout my years of school and studies. They have always encouraged me to do the best I can and to always put as much effort into something as I can. There is no doubt in my mind that my family has always wanted me to succeed, though when I did fail, my family listened to me, took the time to understand how I felt, and then just encouraged me to pick myself back up and to try again.
Growing up as the youngest, I was surrounded with support and encouragement from my older siblings. My older sisters spent quality time with me and always swore to protect me. My mother fed and cared for me. She taught me self-respect, self-discipline, and understanding the consequences of my actions while still showing me love every day. My older brother respected me, taught me to drive, and explained to me how to know when a guy was treating me right. My cousins are some of my best friends and have usually encouraged me to do the right thing and always supported me when I needed help.
The most important category of people in my life are my family. They have supported and encouraged me every step of my life. When things seem down, they have always been around to help me back up and they are always willing and ready to help me. I would not trade them for anything else in the...

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