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Family and Homeless

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Homeless Families and Their Needs Calvin King SOC 342 April 21, 2012

Homeless Families and their Needs Homeless Families have more needs than the other homeless population. Homeless Families have a number of issues that cause them to be homeless and some of the issues they face make it hard to get back on their feet. The biggest threat to family homeless is the decline of marriage, which causes mothers or fathers to have to face economic hardship in trying to raise a family. (Fertig, Reingold, 2008). Another problem that plaques families is the loss of income or low wages, which make it hard to pay rent. Some families deal with alcohol and substance abuse that destroys families; this is high among the homeless population. These issues are no different from the rest of the homeless population. The difference that the other homeless population worries about is just themselves. Other homeless people don’t have to deal with children that they have to keep protecting. They both need resources to help them survive daily. One is, shelters to stay protected from the weather and get off the streets. They both might have medical needs, especially families with children that are injured or ill. The scary thing they both face is violence or abuse. Homeless Families might have to seek homeless shelters as well as the other homeless population. Also Soup kitchens can help to get an hot meal that will keep their strength and energy up. Homelessness has a major impact on children that came from homeless families. Children have faced many…...

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