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Famous Social Workers

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Frances Perkins involved herself in social works that advanced the interests and circumstances of women. During her studies, she went to various local factories where she took an interest in the issues of the workers, especially of the underprivileged workers. She fought for the rights and conditions of the poor ones by focusing and devoting herself into helping the poor and improving their quality of life. The life of Perkins as a social worker reflected the core values of service, social justice, and worth of the person. She believed that poverty can be resolved only if the resources would be evenly distributed. She served the poor people without any hesitation for she understood their equal importance as human beings. Whitney Moore Young Jr., on the other hand, was an advocate of anti-employment discrimination movement in America. He fought for the underprivileged and deprived people's equal access to socio-economic opportunity. He put emphasis on the importance of human relationships, service and social justice. He worked to alleviate the health and welfare of the people. Harry Hopkins, like Young and Perkins, devoted himself to helping his needy fellowmen. He developed different programs, such as the Temporary Emergency Relief Administration (TERA), and the Works Progress Administration (WPA), to improve the lives of people. He helped the homeless, jobless, and those who sought medical assistance, specifically during World War I. He exemplified the values of service, competence and integrity. Del Anderson was another social work pioneer who changed the services available for the veterans. During his leadership in the Veteran's Administration, he transformed the kind of treatment and rehabilitation they provide to people by having his people understood the importance of people's...

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