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Fancy Feast

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Analysis Essay
Fancy Feast
The Ad targets pet owners and cat lovers everywhere and appeals to their feelings of love, happiness, and warmth at the sight of an adorable cat; the picture shows an elegant Persian cat with a dish (not a bowl) of the food. The cat is perfectly groomed. When a viewer first sees this Ad, with the elegant cat and yacht it makes them feel good that they can afford to feed their feline with such elegance. It does not appear as a cat food Ad. This is a very clever idea. The marketers at Purina know that cats do not read Ad. Cat owners make the decisions about the food they buy.
Fancy Feast is targeted to the market segments that are true cat lovers and want the best for their cat. The name alone “Fancy Feast” is a term that cat lovers would understand. One of the other nice things about fancy feast is the can size. The can is smaller than some competitors cans. It is just enough for one meal for one cat.
Fancy Feast consistently communicates the message of an upscale product. They do this in several ways. First, they name the product “Fancy Feast”. Then, they market it with fancy names like “Grilled Tuna Fish and Grilled Salmon Feast”. They use a Persian cat to market the product. This breed has an upscale association due to its cost and its appearance. This is a common advertising formula as describe by Roland Marchand in “The Appeal of the Democracy of Good”, it asserts that although the rich enjoy a great variety of luxuries, with the wonder of mass production and distribution it enables everyone to enjoy society’s most desirable pleasure, conveniences, or benefits. These particular pleasures allow you to provide love and care to your cat and acquire the most desirable cat food out. They are allowing anyone with the benefits of convenience displayed by being on a yacht and still be able to obtain Fancy Feast.
To keep consistent with the upscale message fancy feast wants to present, they use the fluffy white Persian cat on all their ad campaign. The Persian cat has long been a symbol of status and wealth in the cat world. Fancy Feast is also careful not to overemphasize the Persian so the humblest of citizen can purchase their goods. It does not have a name or any distinguishing qualities.
This Ad will motivate pet owners and cat lovers to purchase Fancy Feast products so that they can make their cats happy. The print ad suggests that if you have a cat that loves you and you buy them Fancy Feast, you will be loved more than ever, by the cat. The text in the picture reads, “The best the world has to offer now presents the best of the sea”. This text resembles the theme of love and relationship between the person and the sea. This text is a very obvious call out those who have cats and love the sea. It is an easy way to attract sea lovers who crave for that love and most likely a relationship. Fancy Feast capitalized on the subject of love and relationships through the use of subliminal messaging with rhetoric and imagery. Fancy Feast creates idealized world that tempts cat-owners into believing that buying their product will bring love and relationships into their lives.

A cat does not care about the name of a food. They do not care if it is served on a yacht or not. They can be picky eaters, but the picky cat may prefer the cheapest brand food. Marketers at Fancy Feast are clearly appealing to the owner’s desire to Purchase the best for their cat. This is a very clever tactic, as they know that animal owners tend to humanize their animals. In my experience, my cats will eat just about anything I put in front of them. But I do confess that when I had an sick cat with a poor appetite, I would buy anything I could get him to eat. Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys was one of my picks, because I believed it might entice him to eat more. I think the variety of flavors available may have helped to entice him as he became curious about new flavors. But, then again, maybe I was just humanizing my cat.

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