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1. P/E Ratio: The P/E Ratio shows the relationship between a tock price and its company’s earnings per share of stock. It is a common measure of the stock. Generally, the company with low P/E ratio has low risk compare with same industry. For the Advance Auto Parts Inc, the P/E ratio is lower than industry, which means it is undervalue stock. On the other hand, the P/E ratio is depend on company’s development and future. As I always seen some companies have high P/E ratio but the price of stocks continue going up. Because these companies have brilliant future and high growth rate. So, if this company has high growth rate and low P/E ratio with industry, it is worth to invest.

2. Quick Ratio: The quick ratio is financial ratio used to gauge a company’s liquidity. The higher quick ration, the better the company’s liquidity position. For the Advance Auto Parts Inc, this seems like a big issue for them. They only has 0.22 quick ratio compare with same industry. Their inventory turnover might be low and have no ability to pay its current liabilities or short-term debts.

3. Gross Margin: The gross margin represents the percent of total sales revenue that the company retains after incurring the direct costs associated with producing the goods and services sold by a company. The higher the percentage, the more the company retains on each dollar of sales to service its other costs and obligations. For this company, the Gross Margin (TTM) is 45.49 and higher than industry, which means they can sell their products with higher price and earn more money than other companies in same industry.

4. Operating Margin: The operating margin gives analysts an idea of how much a company makes on each dollar of sales. Generally, the higher a company’s operating margin is, the better of company’s ability. For this company, the operating margin (TTM) is higher than…...

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