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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background

This section discusses the background of the thesis research entitled. “--”. The general and specific problems, significance of the study, scope and limitation, the framework of the study, and definition of terms used are presented here

I. Introduction
Fan fiction also known as, fanfiction, fanfic, FF, or fic is a defined term for fan labor about stories of characters or simply fictional characters and settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. Works of fan fiction are rarely commissioned or approved by the original work's owner, creator, or publisher; also, they are almost never professionally published. Because of this, many fanfics written often contain a disclaimer stating that the creator of the fanfic owns none of the characters. Fan fiction, therefore, is defined by being both related to its subject's canonical fictional universe and simultaneously existing outside the canon of that universe. Most fan fiction writers assume that their work is read primarily by other fans, and therefore tend to presume that their readers have knowledge of the canon universe (created by a professional writer) in which their works are based.

Fan fiction, as the name suggests are works of fiction created by fans. Ranging from books to movies, eager aficionados re-create scenes and plots to fit their own fancy. While seemingly trite to some critics, the fan fiction community is a large and supportive arena which offers feedback and help for these persons who are yet unable to fly free. The cushion of already established characters and settings offers a sense of bravery as the groundwork for each story has already been started.

Fan fiction can be classified as a novel and film or video clip that was made out of different movie series to make a new short clip which is used as a form of communication today in our modern and innovative generation. In general, FanFic involves a combination of established characters, established "worlds" (i.e., the setting or universe relating to the established characters) and established histories (the events described in the work involving the characters in their worlds) from current works. What FanFic authors add could include new characters, new worlds and new histories. Another form of adding originality is by detailing (or extending) certain characters, parts of worlds and histories that received little attention by the original author. The major possible violations are therefore copying, performance or display of existing characters and plots, creation of derivative works without the copyright holder's consent and prohibited use of trademarks belonging to the original work.

People behind this fan fictions are the fans of some artist in the movie industry this is their way of letting movie producers and the entire movie industry to know what they want to be portrayed by the actors/actresses that they idolized by this means of communicating to the big movie industry, writers and movie producers are gaining ideas af a new story that they will be showing to the society. but the industry is not paying any attention and even credits to those people in the fan fiction knowing that this provide them a better stories and knowledge in what the society really want. This fan fiction has a huge positive effect in making a new movie or even television shows because it helps producers to think of what will be great and much entertaining.

The population of fanfiction makers in the Philippines is growing.

II. Statement of the Problem This part of the study identifies what the researchers are aiming to know. The following problem statements would guide the researchers in discovering answers for their study.

Generally, the study aims to determine:
The effects of fanfiction among aspiring student writers in selected schools in Manila

Specifically, it aims to answer the questions:
1. What are the motives of making fan fiction?
2. How popular fanfiction works among aspiring student writers?
3. Why is fanfiction considered as an underground phenomenon?
4. Determine the effects of fanfiction among aspiring student writers in selected schools in Manila in terms of:
a. making a story
b. story appreciation

III. Significance of the Study There are groups of people who will be given importance by the study. The researchers listed different sectors that would benefit from the study.

1. TV producers, writers
TV producers and writers can get ideas for their story lines by looking to the fan fiction sites. With this, they can see what majority of the audiences want from movies.

2. Fan Fiction makers
Their creations will be known.

3. Future Researchers ¬¬
As for the future researchers, the study aims to be a guidance and reference with the related topics about Fan Fiction. This will help the next researcher to update and improve the current study.

IV. Scope and Limitation This study was conducted on April 2011 and will be finished on May 2011. Researchers gather information from articles, other researches, books and other reading materials about Fan Fictions.

The group’s primary focus is about the effects of Fan fiction as the new communication medium of fans to the movie industry. With this study, it will substantiate fan fiction as being a big help in the movie industry.

The study will not cover other topic that is not related to the study.

V. Theoretical Framework

VI. Conceptual Framework

VII. Definition of Terms The following terms are used in the study. They are technically defined, as used by the researchers.

Canonical - refers to the "official" source material upon which fan fiction can be based. In recent years, some fandoms have engaged in lengthy debate over what is or is not “canon”, usually due to multiple writers in various media creating contradictory source material.

Fan Fiction - a defined term for fan labor about stories of characters or simply fictional characters and settings written by fans of original work, rather than by the original creator

Fan Labor ¬- is a term used to refer to the productive creative activities engaged in by fans, primarily those of various media properties or musical groups. hese activities can include creation of written works (fictional, fan fictional and review literature), visual or computer-assisted art, music, or applied arts and costuming.

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature This chapter of research discusses related readings and research papers which support the thesis research entitled, “—“. It is divided into three parts: Conceptual Literature, Research Literature and Synthesis.

Fanfiction often remains as an “underground phenomenon” (Djordjevic, 2002). Fanfiction in the broader sense—defined as the usage of borrowed fictive worlds and characters for your own stories—already existed in the 15th century (1421) when John Lydgate wrote the poem “The Siege of Thebes” as a sequel to Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” (Kember, 2003). Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” inspired several sequels, for example “Old Friends and New Fancies” by Sybil Brinon from 1913 (SuperCat, 1999).

Some assume that fanfiction began in the 1930s: When Arthur Conan Doyle stopped publishing the Sherlock Holmes stories, a few fans joined together in order to write further adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Plotz, 2000; Wikipedia, 2004). Professor Henry Jenkins, one of the leading scholars in the area of fanfiction, regards fanfiction as a continuation of a much older tradition: fanfiction as modern folk culture, replacing the fairy tales and legends that were passed on by word of mouth (Jenkins, 2000).

Apart from these older roots, fanfiction became popular in the 1960s. It’s generally assumed that fanfiction in the narrow sense started with Star Trek – The Original Series (Curtin, 2002; SapphicSlayer, 2003). Back then, being a member of a fandom was a much more exclusive affair than today: fanfiction was distributed in “Fanzines”, also called “Zines”. Zines are “noncommercial, nonprofessional, small-circulation magazines that their creators produce, publish, and distribute themselves” (Duncombe, 2002, p.227). A Fanzine contains letters, essays, comments, comics, peoms, and stories (Bacon-Smith, 1992). The first US Fanzine was probably “Spockanalia” (Destina, 2004).

The number of copies, in which these fanzines were circulated, was very small, because they were made manually and photocopied. Nonamia (2001) calls this the “stone age” of fanfiction. You could only come into possession of a zine if you went to the conventions (fan gatherings), on which they were sold or traded (Cumberland, 2000; Schulz, 2001). These limitations prevented an expansion of fanfiction beyond a marginalized subculture (Schmidt, 2001), but that changed with the emergence of the Internet. However, zines still exist today (Plotz, 2000).

Fanfiction already existed in the 15th century and at that moment of time it was defined as borrowing of fictive character and some setting of the stories that was going to be used in another stories that is going to be written on books, during the 15th century Fanfiction was commonly used on writing books for we all know television and technologies are not that well developed yet.

Because of Fanfiction there were several stories that was written and was distributed into fan gatherings compared to Fanfiction now a days video clips were being distributed or uploaded into social networking sites or should I say via internet to be watched by fans and by the movie industry.

Now a days product of fan fictions in the past are all over the world for this matter the young generation is going to inherit the patronization of fanfiction from this day forward fan fiction will never be erase thus it’ll be improve, developed and grow.

FanFiction.Net The Grand Madame of fan fiction sites, boasts thousands of authors and stories under categories ranging from television and movies, to plays and musicals. Upon reading the author profiles you find an overwhelming amount of young adults who are utterly engrossed by their choice of book and/or show and who strive their best to create something new from what has already been established as canon.

This website is an automated fan fiction archive site. It was founded in late 1998 by Los Angeles computer programmer Xing Li, who also runs the site. The first fics (commonly used shortening of "fan fiction") to be posted were a few stories about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As of 2010, FanFiction.Net is the largest and most popular fan fiction website in the world. It has nearly 2.2 million users and hosts stories in over 30 languages.

Fanfiction Demographics in 2010: Country In 2010, accounts on FanFiction.Net have been made and accessed by people in at least 173 countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia. 75.2% of all accounts holders of joining in 2010 allowed the site to display their country of access. 57% of the 62,559 or 35,361 user accounts were reported as being from the USA, the only country to score more than 10,000. The second biggest contributor of accounts is UK with 9.2% (5739) originating from the country. Canadian users are third in the rank with 5.6% (3513). This is supported traffic-wise by FFN’s partnerships with large ad networks, which require at least 50% of site traffic to come from the USA and Canada. Following.3. Australia; 4. Philippines; 5. France; 6. Mexico; 7. Indonesia; 8. Brazil; 9. India; 10. Germany

Fanfiction in the Philippines

Chapter 3

This chapter discusses the research procedure selected by the researchers to attain the purposes and goals of the study. It includes the method of research to be utilized in the study and the instruments used for generating data.

I. Research Designs & Method
The study will use the descriptive analysis in its attempt to determine, describe and analyze

The study is qualitative in nature because the researchers will comprehensively conduct interviews as their research design technique to gather first hand information and library research for second information from different sources. Data that will be gathered will be integrated and analyzed in this research that will help the researchers in answering the general and specific problem statement of the study. II. Research Locale
The study will be conducted in Cavite City.

III. Respondents of the Study

The researchers will interview fan fiction makers and fan fiction viewers. A survey will be conducted to ten (10) AB Communication students per each few chosen university in Cavite. IV. Data Gathering Procedure
There are various sources in which the researchers will use in getting first and second hand information about the study. First hand data can be obtained through interviews to some persons involved in the study. A survey will be conducted to ten (10) AB Communication students per each few chosen university in Cavite.

As for the secondary and supplementary data, researchers will collect information from articles in newspapers, books and online references and other researches related to the study.

V. Instruments and Validations
Interview schedule, random surveying and library research will be the instrument for gathering data needed in the study. Questions that will be asked during the interview and in surveys were both subjective and objective type of questions to generate data needed for the study.

Interview schedule consists of the following questions and other follow up questions will be added during the interview.

Questions for Mayor Jennifer Barzaga, CHED, & DepEd:
1. What can you say about Dasmariñas being the “University town of Cavite”?
2. What are the factors that made Dasmariñas as the “University town of Cavite”?
3. Compare the education in Dasmariñas before and at the present time.
4. What place in Cavite is the tough competitor of Dasmariñas in terms of education?
5. Is there a big possibility that Dasmariñas can be labeled as the “Education Capital of Cavite”?
6. If ever Dasmariñas will be labeled as the “Education Capital of Cavite”, what will be the effects?

Questions for selected people outside Dasmariñas:
1. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you heard the word Dasmariñas?
2. Are you aware that Dasmariñas is the “University Town of Cavite”?
3. Name some schools and universities in Dasmariñas that are familiar to you.
4. What can you say about the state of education in Dasmariñas?

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Filipino Ii

...KABANATA I ANG SULIRANIN AT SANLIGAN NITO A. PANIMULA Ang Pananaliksik na ito ay tungkol sa pagkawili ng mga kabataan sa wattpad at kung anu- ano ang mga epekto nito sa kabataan pati na rin ang pag-unlad ng panitikan sa pamamagitan ng wattpad. Ang wattpad ay isang aplikasyon sa internet kung saan ang mga tao ay may kalayaang makapagbasa o makalikha ng mga akda tulad ng mga nobela, mga tula, mga artikulo, mga kwento, mga pang-akademyang akda at iba pa. Ang wattpad ay nakakapagbigay sa mga tao ng pagkakataong makabuo ng akda na maaaring makita o mabasa ninoman. Ang mga manunulat ditto maaring propesyonal o baguhan. .  Nagsimula ang wattpad noong oktubre 2006, ito ay ideya nina Ivan Yuen at Allen Lau. Simula ng ito ay mabuo ay dagsa na ang mga nagbabasa at nagsusulat ng kanya kanya nilang mga akda dito. Sa wattpad ay malayang makakabasa ng akda na di tulad ng libro o mga aklat ay libre at maaaring idownload lang sa mga telepono o kung ano pa mang gadget. Ayon sa isang tanyag na manunulat na si Stephen King, “Kung wala kang oras para magbasa, wala kang oras (o mga gamit) para magsulat. Ganun lang iyon kasimple.” Sa paglipas ng panahon ay nagkakaiba-iba na ng mga pananaw at paraan ng paggawa ng akda ang mga manunulat dahil na rin sa modernong panahon at teknolohiya. Sa Pamamagitan ng pagsususulat sa wattpad ay umuunlad na ang panitikan, dahil sa mga bagong...

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