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Who is the writer of the novel," Good Bye Mr. Chips”? Ans.: James Hilton is the writer of the novel" Good Bye Mr. Chips".
Q.2: What was the real name of Mr. Chips? Ans.: His real name was Mr. Chipping but his nickname was Mr. Chips.
Q.3: When was Mr. Chips born? Ans.:
Mr. Chips was born in 1848 and was taken to the Great Exhibition as a toddling child.
Q.4: Where did Mr. Chips live after his retirement? Ans.: After his retirement, Mr. Chips lived at Mrs. Wickett's just across the road from theBrookfield School. So that he could visit school easily.
Q.5: How did Mr. Chips measure his time when he was living at Mrs. Wickett's house? Ans.:
When he was living at Mrs. Wicket, Mr. Chips used to measure his time by the signals of the past, just like a sea captain. He used to live his life according to the bells of Brookfield.
Q.6: What did Mr. Chips used to do in his old age? Ans.: In his old age, Mr. Chips liked to sit by the fire, drink a cup of tea and listen to the school bells.
Q.7: What did Mr. Chips do before going to bed?
Before going to bed, He used to wind up the clock, put the wire guard in front of the fire. Then he turned out the gas and carried a detective novel to bed.
Q.8: Who was Merivale? Ans.: Merivale was Chips' doctor and friend. He visited him every fortnight or so. He admired his health and said that he was fitter than the doctor himself and was going to die a natural death.
Q.9: What did he say about Chips' health? Ans.: He admired his health and said that he was fitter than the doctor himself and was going to die a natural death.
Q.10: What did Dr. Merivale advise Mrs. Wickett to do when Mr. Chips caught cold? Ans.: When Mr. Chips caught cold, he advised her to take special care of him as it was too cold.
Q.11: When and why did he join Brookfield? Ans.: He joined Brookfield in 1870. Because he disliked the previous school as his discipline was not good there. Moreover, he was ragged there a good deal.
Q.12: Briefly explain his preliminary interview with Mr.Wetherby? Ans.:
He had his first interview with Mr. Wetherby in July, 1870. Wetherby said to him," You are a young man, Mr. Chipping and Brookfield is an old foundation. Youth and age often combine well. Give your enthusiasm to Brookfield and Brookfield will give you something in return."
What advice did Mr. Wetherby give to Mr. Chips? Ans.: Mr. Wetherby advised him to take a firm attitude from beginning thats the secret to maintain discipline in the class.
Q.14: Who was the first boy punished by Mr. Chips at Brookfield? Ans.: Colley, a red haired boy, was the first one punished by Chips at Brookfield. He dropped the desk lid during the first class of Mr. Chips. Chips punished him by giving him hundred lines to write.
Q.15: What did Mr. Chips say to the son of Mr. Colley?

Ans.: Mr. Chips said," Your father was the first boy I ever punished, When I came here twenty five years ago. He deserved it then and you deserved it now".
Q.16: What did Mr. Chips say to the third Colley? Ans.: He said that he was a fine example of inherited traditions. He said that his grandfather was a stupid fellow. His father was not better either and he was the biggest fool of the lot.
Q.17: What was the fashion adopted by Mr. Chips during his youth days? Ans.: Mr. Chips was fresh complexioned, high collard and side whiskered young man. This was the old fashion adopted by the people in those days.
CHAPTER NO. 02 Q.1: What was the history of Brookfield Grammar School? Ans.: It was established in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The main structure of the building was rebuilt and extended in the reign of George-1.
Q.2: What kind of people and professionals did Brookfield supply? Ans.: It supplied fair samples of history making men like judges, members of parliament, colonial administrators, a few peers and bishops. It also turned out merchants, manufacturers, professional men, country squires and parsons.
Q.3: What were the qualifications of Mr. Chips? Ans.: He was an ordinary teacher with inadequate qualification. He was simply a gradu ate from the Cambridge.
Q.4: What was presented to Chips on his retirement? Ans.:
On his retirement, he was presented with a cheque, a writing desk and a clock. Q.5: A decent career decently closed. Comment.
It means. that Chips spent his career in a decent, honourable and graceful manner. He served Brookfield in dignified manner and left it with honour and dignity.
Q.6: What were Chip's ambitions when he joined Brookfield? Ans.: When he joined Brookfield, he wanted to get headship or the senior most mastership of a first class school.
Q.7: What was the status of Brookfield School? Ans.: Brookfield was a good school of second rank.
Q.8: Write a note on Brookfield village. Ans.:
Brookfield was a small dependent village and open fen country. It was situated on the East Coast of England.
Q.9: Write a note on Brookfield Public School. Ans.:
It was a grammar school of second rank in Brookfield. It was established in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. It produced many history making people for England.
CHAPTER NO. 03 Q.1: Describe Chips' room at Mrs. Wickett? Ans.:
Chips' room was very sunny and comfortable. It was simply decorated as school masterly taste.
Q.2: How did Mr. Chips entertain his guests at Mrs. Wickett's? Ans.: He entertained his guests with tea and walnut cake with pink icing from Reddaways. In winter, he served them crumpets soaked in butter.
Q.3: What was the condition of the house? Ans.: The house itself was ugly and pretentious. However it was convenient. But the house of Mr. Chips was small, sunny and comfortable.
Q.4: Who was Mrs. Wickett? Ans.:
Mrs. Wickett was a widow. She was Chips' landlady and once the linen room incharge of Brookfield, before she saved some money. She was a kind and sympathetic lady.
Q.5: Who was Collingwood? Ans.: Collingwood was an old student of Mr. Chips. He once thrashed him for climbing in to the gymnasium roof to get a ball out of the gutter. Later on, he became a major in the army and was killed in Egypt.
Q.6: How was Chip's room decorated? Ans.: His room was simply furnished as a school masterly taste. There were a few bookshelves, sporting trophies, a crowded mantel piece, a worn out Turkey carpet and big easy chairs.
Q.7: What kinds of books were read by Mr. Chips? Ans.: He used to read detective novels with great interest. Sometimes, he took Virgil and Xenophone for a few moments but soon returned to Dr. Thorndyke and Inspector French.
Q.8: Name the newspaper which Mr. Chips used to read. Ans.:
Mr. Chips used to read "The Times".
CHAPTER NO. 04 Q.1: How did Mr. Chips came across Katherine Bridges? Ans.:
Chips came across her on the rock the Great Gabble and injured himself.
Q.2: What were Mr. Chips' views about the women of the nineties? Ans.:
Mr. Chips disliked the women of the nineties because they read Shaw and Ibsen and drove bicycle equally to men. Q.3: Describe Katherine's physical grace. Ans.: She was twenty five years old. She had blue flashing eyes, freckled cheeks and straw-coloured hair.
Q.4: Describe Katherine's ideas. Ans.:
She had modern ideas. She wanted to get the right of vote and admission to universities for women. She was a radical in politics.
Q.5: Why did Katherine visit Mr. Chips daily? Ans.:
She visited him daily because she thought herself responsible for the accident, of Mr. Chips.
Q.6: How old were Chips and Katherine at the time of their marriage? Ans.: At the time of their marriage, Chips was forty eight years old while Katherine was twenty five young.
Q.6: Why did Chips dislike Shaw and Ibsen? Ans.:
He was a conventional person. He did not like Shaw for his strange ideas. He did not like Ibsen for his disturbing plays.
CHAPTER NO. 05 Q.1: What were Katherine's views about Mr. Chips' profession when she first met him? Ans.:
When she first met him she thought he was a solicitor or a stock broker or a dentist or a man with a big cotton business in Manchester. Q.
2: What were Katherine's views about Chips' profession of teaching? Ans.:
She liked the profession of teaching. She thought that a school teacher could influence the youngsters, so it was a great profession.
Q.3: Describe Chips' marriage. Ans.:
Katherine had no parents, so she was married from the house of her aunt in Ealing.
Q.4: What did she say to Mr. Chips before the wedding night? Ans.:
She asked Mr. Chips if she would call him Sir or Mr. Chips. She said to him that Mr. Chips would be the right term to be used for his name and then she said," Good bye Mr. Chips".
CHAPTER NO. 06 Q.1: What type of man was Mr. Chips before marriage? Ans.: Mr. Chips had been a dry and rather a neuter sort of person before marriage.
Q.2: What changes did marriage bring in Chips? Ans.: Marriage gave him a new touch. His eyes gained sparkle, his sense of humour blossomed and his teaching style was also improved.
Q.3: How did Katherine persuade Chips to hold a match between Mission andBrookfield School? Ans.:
She gave many arguments to persuade Chips. She said that the boys of Missionand Brookfield School were equally important for England. There should not be any class distinction between them. Q.
4: Describe Poplar boys' visit to Brookfield. Ans.: Poplar boy's visit to Brookfield was a great success. One Saturday afternoon, they reached Brookfield, played a soccer match with the school's second team. Later they had high tea. They left and took good impression.
Q.1: How did Katherine help Chips in the matter of discipline? Ans.:
She asked him to be kind without losing the balance. She urged him to give them a chance. In this way, his discipline improved a lot.
Q.2: Who was Ogilive? Ans.: Ogilive was an old choirmaster at Brookfield School.
Q.3: Did Mr. Chips write any book consisting of his memories? Ans.:
No, he did not write any book in proper form because writing tired him. Moreover, his memories lost much of their flavour when they were written down.
Q.1: When and how did Katherine die? Ans.:
Katherine died on April 1 st , 1898 during childbirth.
Q.2: What were Chips' feelings on the death of his beloved wife? Ans.:
Katherine's death was the worst shock of his life. He lost all charm in life and became 'old' in the real sense of the word.
CHAPTER NO. 09 Q.1: What was Chips' opinion about the Boers? Ans.:
The Boers were the Dutch sought Africans.. Mr. Chips was neither against them nor favoured them.
CHAPTER NO. 10 Q.1: Who succeeded Wetherby as a Headmaster? Ans.:
Mr. Wetherby was succeeded by Mr. Meldrum, as a Headmaster, in 1870, who acted as Brookfield's head till his death in 1900.
Q.2: When and how did Meldrum die? Ans.:
Meldrum died in 1900 of pneumonia. He served Brookfield for 30 years as a Headmaster.
Q.2: When did Mr. Chips become the Acting Head of Brookfield for the first time? Ans.:
Mr. Chips became the Acting Head of Brookfield after the death of Mr. Meldrum in 1900.
Q.3: Describe personality of Mr. Ralston. Ans.:
Ralston was a young man of thirty seven. He was like a live wire ruthless and energetic, but not very likeable. He had an impressive personality.
Q.4: Why could Ralston not become popular? Ans.:
Ralston could not become popular because he was unkind and inhuman. He was running Brookfield as a factory. Therefore, he was feared but not liked.
CHAPTER NO. 11 Q.1: When was there a row between Mr. Chips and Mr. Ralston? Ans.:
There was a row between Mr. Chips and Mr. Ralston in 1908 because they never liked each other.
Q.2: What was the cause of this row? Ans.:
Mr. Ralston demanded Chips' resignation for his inefficiency, old fashioned teaching methodology and disobedience. Chips lost his temper and row started.
Q.3: How did the people of the area come to know about this row? / How did the news of this row spread in the area? Ans.:
By Chance, a boy heard everything outside the office who came to see headmaster. He told the boys what happened in the Headmaster's study and the news spread all over.
Q.4: What was the reaction of the people after this row? Ans.:
Everyone reacted quite strongly. People turned against Ralston. The whole staff assured Chips that they would support him and would not tolerate his insult.
Q.5: Who was Sir John Rivers? Ans.:
He was the Chairman of the Board of Governors and was a former student of Chips. It was he who resolved the matter and assured Chips that he could teach as long as he wishes.
CHAPTER NO. 12 Q.1: When and why did Ralston leave Brookfield? Ans.:
In 1911, Ralston left Brookfield when he was offered the headship of a greater public school.
Q.2: Who succeeded Ralston? Ans.:
Ralston was succeeded by a young man of thirty four, Mr. Chatteris who was anable , hardworking and kind man.
Q.3: When did Chips resign for the first time? Ans.:
Chips resigned in 1913 for the first time when he was sixty five years old. He had bronchitis and was unable to do his job decently.
Q.4: What type of farewell speech was given by Chips? Ans.:
It was not a very long speech but it had many jokes and Latin quotations in it. He also told them that he would remember them always.
Q.5: Where did he reside after retirement? Ans.:
He lived at Mrs. Wickett's, just across the road, as a paying guest. So that he could visit school whenever he wanted and in a sense could remain a part of it.
Q.6: What was his routine at home after retirement? Ans.:
He had plenty to do after his retirement. He was the president of the old boys club and went to dinner in London, contributed to the Brookfield terminal magazine. He read the Times and entertained the visitors.
CHAPTER NO. 13 Q.1: When and why did Chips join Brookfield again? Ans.:
In 1916, he rejoined Brookfield on request of Chatteris to help him in managing the school affairs.
Q.2: Who was Forrester? Ans.:
Forrester was the smallest boy in the Brookfield about four feet high. He was killed in 1918 in Cambrai.
CHAPTER NO.14 Q.1: When did he become the acting head of the school again and why? Ans.:
He became the acting head of the School for the second time in 1917 when Chatteris fell ill during the winter term.
Q.2: When and how did Chatteris die? Ans.:
Chatteris fell ill during the winter term and in April, 1917 he died of diabetes.
Q.3: How did Chips perform his duties during his second headship? Ans.:
During his second headship, he sat in the headmaster's study and handled the problems.
Q.4: Who was Herr Staefel / Max Staefel? Ans.:
He was a German master. He was Chip's junior in the school. Chips went for cure to Wiesbaden and stayed at his home. He was killed on the Western Front in the First World War.
CHAPTER NO.15 Q.1: Describe the air raid at Brookfield. Ans.:
On a moonlight night, air raid warning was given. Five bombs were fallen in and around the Brookfield. Nine persons died in this air raid.
Q.2: What happened to Chips on November 11, 1918? Ans.:
On November 11, 1918 Chips caught a cold while returning from the dining hall and he also resigned after it.
CHAPTER NO. 16: Q.1: What was the condition of Chips' health in the last few years at Mrs. Wickett? Ans.:
In his last few years, he was not ill but felt a bit tired at times because of old age. In Winter, his breathing disturbed him. He had to care of himself when eastern winds blew.
Q.2: What was Chips' will? Ans.:
In 1930, Chips made his will. Except for legacies to the Mission and Mrs. Wickett, he left all he had to found an open entrance scholarship for the boys at school.
Q.3: How did Chips spend the last period of his life at Mrs. Wickett's? And:
In the last period of his life at Mrs. Wickett, he usually remained indoors and enjoyed visits of the new and old boys very much.
CHAPTER NO. 17 Q.1: Where did Mrs. Wickett go a day before Mr. Chips' death? Ans.: A day before Mr. Chips' death, she went to see her relatives.
Q.2: Who was Linford? Ans.:
Linford was a boy of nine. He was the last person who came to see Chips' before his death. He made Chips remember his wife, Katherine by saying, "Good Bye, Mr. Chips".
Q.3: Why did Chips became sad after Linford's visit? Ans.:
Chips became sad because Linford's word, "Good bye, Mr. Chips" reminded him the day of his marriage and his wife, Katherine.
Q.4: Why Linford has come to see Mr. Chips? Ans.:
Someone told Linford that Chips wanted to see him. Therefore, he came to see Chips. It was just a joke because Chips did not call him.
CHAPTER NO. 18 Q.1: Whom did Chips see around him when he awoke after being unconscious? Ans.:
He saw Old Buffle, Mr. Cartwright, Dr. Merivale and Mrs. Wickett around him when he awoke after being unconscious.
Q.2: What did Cartwright say about Chips' Children? Ans.:
Cartwright said that it was a pity Chips never had any children.
Q.3: What was Chips' response on Cartwright's statement about his being issueless (childless)? Ans.:
Chips responded immediately, opened his eyes and in a feeble voice said that he had thousands of Children and they all were boys.
Q.4: How did Chips die? Ans.: After the visit of Old Buffle, Cartwright, Dr. Merivale and Mrs.Wickett , Chips slept and died peacefully.
Q.5: What were the two things Chips had never done? Ans.:
He had never traveled by air and had never gone to a cinema.
Q.6: What kind of novel is this? Ans.:
This is a biographical novel. The biography of a school teacher, Mr. Chipping is described in it.

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Veiled in the Secret of Humanity

...Veiled in the Secret of Humanity Publishing Information First published in Pakistan in 2012 by The Sapphire Publishing Group A division of Atlas Group (Pakistan) Inc., Lahore. The paperback edition published in 2012 by Ali Books Reprinted 2012 (three times). Copyright ©2012 by Zubia Malik Except for Veiled in the Secret of Humanity copyright ©2012 by Zubia Malik All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior permission in writing of the publisher nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the Jinnah Library. ISBN 687-2-7052-9242-1 Papers used by Ali are natural, renewable and recyclable products sourced from well-managed forests and certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council Dedication To my Lord Almighty, the Beneficent and the Merciful and His last Prophet Muhammad PBUH Table of Contents Acknowledgement Preface Article 1 Love for the Messenger (P.B.U.H.) 2 Short Stories 10 ......

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...YEPME: A case study on Brand Development "Why can't India produce the next big global fashion brand, why can't we produce an H&M" Vivek Gaur, cofounder of Yepme [1] This was the statement by cofounder of Yepme on 10th April, 2014, when Yepme went global under “” name. After achieving significant success in Indian apparel market Yepme is planning to go global. Although when area is bigger, risks are much bigger. But only thing that can ensure their success, or at least survival is their determination and strategy. History and Background Yepme was started by three alumni of Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of management, Vivek Gaur (ex Unilever), Sandeep Sharma (ex Accenture) and Anand Jadhav (ex Pantaloon) in April 2011 [2]. Vivek Gaur has experience building successful online companies like and has also held senior positions in marketing and sales with HT Media Ltd, Living Media Pvt Ltd and Hindustan Unilever Ltd.[3] Gaur has also involved in setting up outlets at MediaMart which is at the airport. Sandeep Sharma, the founder/COO and CTO, is an e-commerce, technology and operations specialist having held senior positions with Accenture, Sapient, SBI Capital Markets and HCL Technologies.[3] Anand Jadhav (president) is a merchandising and supply chain expert and has worked with leading apparel retailers including Shoppers’ Stop, Globus, Pantaloon and Reliance Trends [4]. According to an interview with Vivek on Bloomberg TV, in......

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Analysis of Three Idiots

...1. Describe the system of education in the movie. To be able to fully describe the system of education in the movie “The Three Idiots”, one must know the educational system being implemented by the Indian government. Although some states in India have already used modern teaching methods such as creative learning by Howard Garner, Modern education in India is often criticized for being based on rote learning rather than problem solving. The system of education in the movie is Authoritarian because the teacher, in this case the university professor, is the law and the only authority in the process of learning inside the classroom. It is also is based on the Traditional Method because it emphasizes rote learning which was already replaced by other more effective teaching methods because of its limitation in developing higher learning skills in students. Instances in the movie have shown how the emphasis in rote learning has stifled the students’ full comprehension of a theory that also hampered the development of their creative abilities because they must always follow what is being prescribed them by their mentors. Insubordination will mean being rusticated from the school system. With this fact, it is no surprise that this dysfunctional engineering school system portrayed in the movie, pressures huge numbers of students into suicide. 2. Describe the main characters in the movie. ( at least five ) a. Aamir Khan as Ranchhoddas "Rancho" Shamaldas......

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...MANANGEMENT MANANGEMENT group mambers zohaib saleem (050) m.kshif shahzad (032) omer Farhan Raheel shokat group mambers zohaib saleem (050) m.kshif shahzad (032) omer Farhan Raheel shokat DDP-BBA-FA12 DDP-BBA-FA12 More than a good story Q no:1 As the top managers of company what type of issues might bert and jhon have to deal with? Answer… As the managers of a local firms they may face lot of problems. Frist one problem which they have to face is the legal problem. Like licensing. As its a local firm which have no license to sale the products of other companies. And may not have the legal protection to produce what you wants. Or to sale what you want.. Other one problem is the copyright problem .As it’s a local firm which is not register yet and may not have the copy right. So by this may be their good one desghine are copied by any one of company. As the financial situation of the both owners of company is described in the case like they are living in a cabin type van, so they may face the financial problem later on. They may face the problem of human resources management. Social law violation is another problem which may face by the company. Like they still don’t have the franchising system in the beginning and sailing their product at door step and in the one way streets which may be hazardous for the people. Q no:2 Would these approaches of management work for other organizations? Answer… yes these approaches are applicable in the almost all...

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...MINIT MESYUARAT BERSAMA KETUA-KETUA BIRO ASRAMA KALI KEDUA SESI 2011 Tarikh : 25 Februari 2011 Hari : Jumaat Masa : 3.30 petang Tempat : Kelas 1 Ikhlas KEHADIRAN : KETUA PELAJAR 1. Muhammad Al-Fateh bin Ibrahim Timbalan Ketua Umum Asrama I 2. Ahmad Asyraff Syahmi bin Mohd Nasir Setiausaha Agung Asrama I 3. Mohd Arif bin Jainury Bendahari I 4. Mohamad Nashriq Emmeir bin Ismail 5. Burhanuddin Rabbani bin Abdul Shukor 6. Khairul Fahmi bin Mohamad Kamal 7. Muhammad Siddiq bin Abdullah 8. Ahmad Hazimin bin Ahmad Kamal 9. Muhd Khairulanwar bin Razali 10. Muhd Farhan bin Noorhizam Agenda Mesyuarat 1. Ucapan alu-aluan 2. Pembentangan tugas-tugas dan aktiviti oleh ketua-ketua biro 3. Perkara berbangkit 4. Hal-hal lain 1.0 Ucapan pengerusi 1.1 Pengerusi Majlis iaitu saudara Al-Fateh memulakan majlis dengan bacaan surah Al-Fatihah. Kemudian beliau memberi sedikit tazkirah sebelum mesyuarat dimulakan. 1.2 Beliau juga mengucapkan terima kasih atas kehadiran semua ketua biro. 1.3 Pengerusi menyediakan tujuan mesyuarat kali ini untuk mendengar skop-skop- kerja yang akan dibentang oleh ketua-ketua biro dan seterusnya semua ketua biro akan akan mengadakan mesyuarat biro kali kedua bersama AJK yang akan dilantik. 2.0 Pembentangan Tugas-tugas dan Aktiviti Biro 3.1 BIRO 3K (KEBERSIHAN,KECERIAAN & KESELAMATAN) 2.11 Saudara Nashriq Emmeir bin Ismail......

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Film Review on the 3 Idiots

...Directed by Rajkumar Hirani Writing credits Rajkumar Hirani (dialogue) Abhijit Joshi (dialogue) (as Abhijat Joshi) Vidhu Vinod Chopra (screenplay associate) Casts Aamir Khan - 'Rancho' Shamaldas Chanchad Kareena Kapoor - Pia Boman Irani - Viru Sahastrabudhhe Madhavan - Farhan Qureshi Sharman Joshi - Raju Rastogi E. Synopsis Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi want to re-unite with their fellow collegian, Rancho, after faking a stroke aboard an Air India plane, and excusing himself from his wife - trouser less - respectively. Enroute, they encounter another student, Chatur Ramalingam, now a successful businessman, who reminds them of a bet they had undertaken 10 years ago. The trio, while recollecting hilarious antics, including their run-ins with the Dean of Delhi's Imperial College of Engineering, Viru Sahastrabudhe, race to locate Rancho, at his last known address - little knowing the secret that was kept from them all this time. SOURCE: F. Criticize on the following i. Story and Theme It has a great story of different students; Raju wants to uplift his family fortunes. Rancho is a wealthy genius who studies for the sheer joy of it. Farhan wants to become a wildlife photographer, but has joined engineering college to fulfil his father's wish. They all lived their college years to the fullest even though there are a lot of troubles happening to them. They helped each other in their own lives as well as their......

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