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Farmacias Similares: Private and Public Health Care for the Base of the Pyramid in Mexico

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Farmacias Similares (Simi): Company Overview
Founded by Victor Gonzalez Torres, Farmacias Similares is a pharmacy chain in Mexico dedicated exclusively to generic medicines, with their merchandise priced at least 30% lower than that of traditional branded medications. Using their publicity campaign slogan, loosely translated as “the same, but cheaper,” the stores targeted their sales at the low-income uninsured/underinsured “base of the pyramid” health care consumers in Mexico. In addition, Gonzalez Torres owned various other companies that did business related to Simi, such as Best Labs, Pharmacy Plastics (which produced pill containers), Pharmacy Transports (in charge of delivering merchandise to the Simi chain,), and SimiSeguros’ (Chu & Garcia-Cuellar, 2007).
Simi: Mission, Vision, and Value Ananlysis
Mission - Improve the level of human life by offering products and services of quality to all health.
Vision - Be recognized as a model of quality, service and confidence, with efficient processes, in a pleasant working environment which generate well-being and pride in belonging.
Values – Generosity, Commitment, Service
Positive Aspects: As stated by Hill & McShane, a mission statement defines the purpose of the organization and focuses on the needs of the customer. Simi’s mission statement meets this criterion. Hill & McShane also state that a vision statement defines the desired future state of an organization and results in the generation of strategies to achieve the mission and vision (Hill & McShane, 2008). This is evidenced in Simi’s response to federal regulations requiring quality standards in the drugs they produce and the processes Simi put in place to meet these requirements. Also their ability to maintain a significant market share in a highly competitive environment due to the professional, easy to access, friendly and…...

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