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Fashion Forecasting

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Historians, Fashion experts and poet would probably differ on the words used to define the fashion, but there would be unanimous agreement that the element of fashion is people, acceptance, time and place. It is said o be that “ beauty lies in the eyes of beholder in same way fashion lies by the words of design”.

Therefore, a fashion in anything that’s accepted by a substantial group of people at a given time in a given place. One can say that the definition covers almost infinite range of product, ideas, practices and attitudes. In a broad sense fashion is a culture of time, a set of leaned beliefs, values, attitudes , habit and form of behaviors that are shared by the society and are transmitted from generation to generation within that society. The meaning of fashion is so broad that it covers almost every aspects of human behavior.

Meanwhile fashion forecasting shows the fashion trends in our modern society. Fashion is not a generalized terminology but terminals vast area covering not only apparel purposes but also the elegance and the grace of drape. Fashion forecasting has evolved through rapid place of advertisement in garment era and apparel merchandising an marketing. Apparel merchandising and marketing has drastically inundated the sphere of fashion forecasting garment labeling, brand establishment, designer wear, fashion shows, market demand, designer showroom etc boost the fashion forecasting due to tremendous growth in fashion development. Fashion forecasting finds absolute application and economy acceleration.

The word fashion is familiar to all of us. Fashion is nothing but the way of life style in itself. The style that is accepted and used by the majority of a group at any one time, no matter how small that group, is a fashion. Short skirts, pointed-toe shoes, long hair, beards and natural make up have all been…...

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