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The Fashion Industry and Self- Esteem

The fashion industry has the biggest influence on people’s self- esteem. This industry affects just about everyone, whether they may be male, female, young or old the industry interacts and influences our lives everyday. Most people think of the fashion industry as a bunch of magazine editors, season photo shoots, and fashion shows, and retail stores but the industry is more than that. Inevitably everyone any anyone that buys clothes has been affected by the industry and how it’s marketed itself effectively enough to make consumers purchase clothing and accessories. The fashion industry appears to set a perfectionist impossible standard for the populace to reach; by doing this they are harming society in an unintentional manner. The apparel being designed and sold in stores in an imperfect world is causing not only self- esteem issues but health issues as well.

The Fashion industry paves a way to a land of perfection and beauty; the industry doesn’t realize its path of self- destruction it leaves along the way. Almost all magazines use computer programs like Adobe Photoshop to edit images of celebrities and models to put on their covers and editorials to sell designers goods. Not even the most perfect of perfect models is actually this perfect, so magazine readers strive to look like the impossible. Readers all over the world are having their self-esteem brought down by the fashion industries portrait of what society should look like. Designers tend to use close to six- foot tall models, size zero and perfect complexions on their runways, much like magazine editors do in their publications. Society goes to extremes in order to do replicate this look as closely as they can. From the runway to the sales floor images of clothing get represented in a certain why depending on what the designer in question wants. Once…...