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2012–2013 CATALOG



FALL 2012
Registration April 2–27 (Registration (Most new for continuing students) students register over the Aug. 20–24 (Registration summer for the fall term) for transfer students and late registration for continuing students) . Classes Begin Mon., Aug. 27 Last Day to Add a Class Mon., Sept. 10 Last Day to Drop a Class Tues., Sept. 18 Last Day to Withdraw From a Class With a Grade of W Undergraduate Fri., Oct. 12 Students Parsons Graduate Fri., Oct. 12 Students All Other Graduate Tues., Dec. 18 Students Holidays Labor Day Sat., Sept. 1–Mon., Sept. 3 weekend: Rosh Hashanah: Sun., Sept. 16 eve*–Mon., Sept. 17 Yom Kippur: Tues., Sept. 25 eve*–Wed., Sept 26 *Sunday and Tuesday classes scheduled for 3:50 p.m. or later do not meet. No classes meet on Monday and Wednesday. See rescheduled days below. Thanksgiving: Wed., Nov. 21–Sun., Nov. 25 Winter Break: Wed., Dec. 19–Fri., Jan. 25 Makeups and On Tuesday, Nov. 20, Rescheduled Days classes will follow the Wednesday schedule. On Tuesday, Dec. 18, daytime classes will not meet. Spring 2013 Registration Nov. 5–30 Juries Arranged by program Classes and Exams End Tues., Dec. 18 Online Session A Aug. 27–Dec. 18 Online Session B Aug. 27–Oct. 26 Online Session C Oct. 8–Dec. 18 Winter Break Dec. 19–Jan. 25

Registration (New students register in January for the spring term.) Nov. 5–30, Registration for continuing students Jan. 22–25, Registration for new students and late registration for continuing students

Classes Begin Mon., Jan. 28 Last Day to Add a Class Fri., Feb. 8 Last Day to Drop a Class Fri., Feb. 15 Last Day to...

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...INTERNATIONALISATION OF THE SPANISH FASHION BRAND ZARA Carmen Lopez Ying Fan Brunel Business School Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (2009), 13:2, 279-296 INTRODUCTION Zara is one of the world’s most successful fashion retailers operating in 59 countries. However, there is little research about the firm in English as the majority of publications have been written in Spanish. This paper seeks to address this gap in the literature by examining the internationalisation process of Zara. This study adopts an in-depth case approach based on extensive secondary research. Literature published in both English and Spanish has been reviewed, including company documents such as annual reports. The paper starts with a brief overview of the global textile and clothing industry, followed by the case study of Zara. The main part of the case examines the key aspects in the internationalisation of Zara namely: motives for internationalisation, market selection, entry strategies, and international marketing strategies. In the final section, comparisons are made between Zara and two of its main competitors, H&M and Gap. The global textile and clothing industry The removal of all import quotas in the textile and clothing industry from January 2005, involving the unrestricted access of all members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to the European, American and Canadian markets is considered a key driving force in the development of the clothing sector (Keenan, et al., 2004).......

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