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Fashion Retailing M1Write a 500 Word Report Documenting Your Suggestions for the Ideal Collaboration for Either Topshop or Top Man or Brand Extension

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Bellow I shall be explaining why it would be a great idea for Topman to collaborate with A.P.C.

A.P.C is well known for its minimalistic designs. Its clothing features clean lines and simple patterns. A.P.C will very rarely use logos. Its clothing tends to incorporate characteristics of military garments. When A.P.C first started to make clothes they where dubbed as “the French GAP”. Their clothes sometimes look a bit unisex , uniform-like , with coats and knitwear that do for males and females. One of the brands most popular products is its raw-denim selvedge jeans. Denim enthusiasts love A.P.C’S jeans as they are Japanese selvedge but are also slim cut and fashionable. The denim also fades quickly when used, allowing denim enthusiasts to achieve a lot of wear and fading quickly if they wish.

TOPMAN Topman offer fashionable men’s clothing, ranging from informal indie – influenced casual styling ranges, along with footwear and fashion accessories.
Over the recent years, Topman has collaborated with young designers such as Astrid Andersen , Kim jones , Peter Jensen and as well as launching its own premium label ‘ Topman design’. After showing seasonally to the menswear press arena, Topman joined forces with fashion East to produce ‘MAN’ a menswear event that takes place at the London fashion week , showcasing new menswear design as well as Topman Design collection.

It would be a great idea for Topman to collaborate with A.P.C as it will increase value of the brand to the average Topman consumer, create a whole new brand experience and grow profitability.

A.P.C ‘ s and Topman’s average customer are slightly different. Topman aim to sell their clothes to males aged from 15 to 25 with a limited budget on the other hand A.P.C’s target market are males aged from 25 to 35 with a bit more of a disposable income. This brand collaboration offers the potential of introducing Topman’s audience to A.P.C and viceversa, expanding brand reach and enhancing awareness of both brand collaborators. This collaboration will mutually benefit these both no competing brands. The collaboration should be launched in the main flagship stores in London , Liverpool , Manchester and New york as these capitals are known for having fashion conscious customers that will appreciate the collaboration more. The partnership between a high end retailer like A.P.C and high street retailer Topman is in essence a promotional tactic that will boost advertising through all social medias , billboards and both brand websites. Topman benefits from the collaboration by drawing increased demand ,grab the attention of the consumer and increase media coverage.

With A.P.C and Topman collaborating it will be the perfect way to surprise their customers and attract new ones, as it will refresh Topman’s brand image by introducing new features to the brand such as high quality Japanese selvedge denim , minimalistic yet still high quality t-shirts and knitwear , this brand collaboration can offer several significant benefits to both of the brands. For example brand coalitions could talk not only to customers but also to new investors. Prices will range from £50 to £380.
In conclusion I think that this brand collaboration would benefit Topman as it will provide a meaningful way to increase brand awareness and gain customers in emerging markets.

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