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Fashion is a thing that involves what we wear, the vehicles we ride, how we enrich and various other styles that use fashion. At the present time fashion is a trend of rapidly evolving society. This is because, with the fashion they feel themselves more confident and fashion is also able to change the identity of each person. Fashion is so important for us because it show the truly attitudes of person.
Enriching an extreme fashion and beauty-conscious from the comfort can cause health problems. As enriching high heels are at high risk for the wearer will feel sore feet and not too long-lasting wear. In addition, a stylized fashion nowadays more concerned with the beauty of the clothing comfort. But in the same fashion that emphasizes beauty from the comfort and fashion that can cause health problems are very important for people who are working as per what they wear is important to represent a clean and disciplined workers.
Furthermore, fashion can lead us to waste too extreme because according to the current fashion of a thing that is not so important to buy. Examples of today according to the current trend to waste money buying their telephone served by trained staff when there are more important things to be purchased but they are thinking about fashion from waste. This fashionable key waste is also important because it is a successful development.
Fashion involving religion is an obstacle to Muslims because Muslims are the ones who are told to cover up. However, today's fashion designers are also Muslims and they have lots of ideas for designing clothing for Muslims. Some Muslims or other religions also feel fashion is not important because they hold a religious ignore current fashion. What is important for them as long as they are comfortable and in manners mode of application as the Muslims are not prevented them fashionable.
In conclusion fashion is…...