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Marena Rodriguez
Wednesday 1pm Class
October 15, 2013
Week 3 Fashion Article Summary – Burberry/Apple
Apple has done it again. Not only have they recently released the much anticipated, fashion forward, iPhone 5c and 5s, but also they have managed to recruit Burberrys own CEO Angela Ahrendts. The worlds of high fashion and technology have officially collided. This is quite an accomplishment not just for apple, but for the fashion industry as well. Having someone as powerful and trendsetting as Ahrendts take the position of senior vice president of retail and online stores at apple can make a major impact on the fashion industry since we are always expanding with the use of technology.
Apple, who has been without a retail head for almost a year now, has hired Ahrendts for her outstanding skills and work of digital marketing in the prominent British Fashion House. They are hoping to boost up online retail sales since they have not been doing as well as they hoped in this department for a while. Since Burberry is categorized as a luxury brand, she has gotten very involved in the digital aspect of the trademark. Burberry has a transactional website and an extreme amount of online engagement. This all benefits Angela when taking on her new role at apple. It is said that Christopher Bailey, who is currently the creative director, will be taking on the position as CEO as well as creative director of Burberry. The company is not worried about its future and is happy for Ahrendts and her new opportunity.
Ahrendts has been famously praised and known for turning around the Burberry name and boosting its sales tremendously. Starting off as an extremely high-end specialty store, Burberry lost its “exclusiveness” to overexposure in marketing. In 2006, Ahrendts took over the company as CEO and helped regain a more élite clientele, such as those who shop at Chanel and…...