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When you go out to eat do you actually know what’s in your food or how it’s being made? Eating fast food isn’t always the answer in the long run even if your running late. Why not cook yourself a home cooked meal and create less problems for not only you but our country? First, we will drive through the problems fast food causes. Next, we will make a “quick stop” at the causes of fast food. Finally, we will throw away the problems and find solutions for fast food.
First, we will drive through the problems fast food causes. As we have probably all heard one or more times in our lives that fast food isn’t healthy for you; that’s old news. Now the question is, do you really know what it does to your body and what problems it can cause. Eating
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How many people actually plan to stop at McDonalds? Located in the book, Chew On This, by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson, copyright 2017, Most of the time no one plans on stopping at a fast food restaurant, normally this decision is last minute without much thought. Most of the time people are driving through town and see a great big ad with a delicious meal and just have to stop. The cause of our problems of fast food comes from many different things. The first main reason we have such a big problem is because of all the advertising that the fast food industry does. According to Maanisi’s article, “9 Negative Side Effects Of Advertising On Children”, written in MomJunction, copyright March 16, 2017, says that children and teens in the U.S. see an average of 12 to 14 food advertisements on television every day. Experts say that TV advertising plays a very important role in how foods are marketed to children. Fast or junk foods are one of the most commonly seen ads on television with pizzas, burgers and other delicious-looking foods being shown on screens every few minutes. Children see fit-looking adults munching on various junk foods and assume that they are healthy as they do not understand the concept of advertising. Research has found that consumption of fast foods has increased among children due to these ads. In fact, they have been so influenced by them that consumption of these unhealthy foods and snacks has almost doubled. Young, healthy-looking models are used, hiding the fact that these foods are some of the unhealthiest in the world. When unhealthy habits are learned in childhood they are carried over into adulthood and are hard habits to break. We live in a society that everyone is always in a hurry and don’t have time to prepare their own

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Fast Food Speech

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