Fast Food vs. Home Cooked Meals

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Fast Food
Home Cooked Meals
Monica Hill
February 9, 2013
Joseph Powell

In today’s society most Americans prefer fast food to home cooked meals. Everyone needs food to survive, however eating fast food rather than a home cooked meal may not be the ideal choice. The difference between fast food and home cooked meals has several differences like preparation time, convenience, and quality.
Health problems seem to be linked to the types of foods we eat. Obesity one of the number one issue in the United States alone. Fast foods are blamed for causing the majority of the obesity problems here in America today. Fast food is a convenient food that is usually faster to get and sometimes ready at the time it is wanted. Ultimately fast food slows the metabolism down with all the calories and unhealthy ingredients that can cause people to be overweight which can lead to obesity if we continue to consume as much as we do on a daily basis. An alternative to fast food is a good home cooked meal. Home cooked meals can help fight the war against obesity. Home cooked meals may take time, that most American’s don’t have these days, however they are much healthier for everyone. Cardiovascular health is affected by the foods put into our bodies. Fast food causes a much higher risk of heart disease because of the extra saturated and trans fats in the foods. Trans fats are found in french fries, fried chicken, fried fish sandwiches, biscuits, fried apples, and other pie desserts. Trans fats are also found in several other fast foods like pizza and doughnuts. Trans fats cause a higher risk of heart disease than saturated fats. Eating home cooked meals can lower the risk of heart disease. There are some states and countries that has banned the use of trans fats in foods. When cooking at home the ingredients and what is put in the food being serving to…...