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Father Steals Best

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Module 5 Homework
Adam Haller
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Author Note This paper was prepared for SOC 135 Introduction to Sociology, Module 5 Homework taught by Michelle Gardner

In the story “Father Steals Best: Crime in an American Family”, it is a prime example of formal deviance. They family depicted had committed a multitude of crimes to include murder, rape, robbery, theft, battery. These are all telltale signs of formal deviance. Not only is this a formal deviance, but it is also socialization deviance due to the way of life that the family is used to. The family learned at a young age the crimes they committed. Children are sponges that absorb the things that they are used to seeing and hearing.

In early times, there were upper class families and lower class. The upper class families mostly inherited their riches and just continued on with running the business. The lower class families were not so lucky. Most had to steal from the upper class in order to survive. In this passage, it dates back to 1961 and states that Bogle was a migrant worker. Migrant workers did not make enough money to provide for their families. The estimated income for a full time migrant worker was a mere $1 and hour. This has a tendency to place a lot of stress on a person. This high stress level can lead to drinking and drugs to go along with the crimes that were committed. As stated, these crimes were what the family is used to. They feel that they are stuck in the rut of living the wrong lifestyle because it was what they seen on a daily basis. This family is an example of the Labeling Theory. Society and the law labeled anyone within their bloodline as a criminal. They automatically assumed that because someone was born into the Bogle family, they would commit a crime. So the family...

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