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Fatigue Literature Review

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Literature Review
Exercise induced fatigue forms the basis for this study. We are looking to achieve both physiological and neuromuscular fatigue in our subjects, to simulate in-game conditions in their various sports. By observing their landing kinetics and kinematics, we will find how greatly fatigue can affect them, with regard to landing from a jump. By inducing fatigue in our subjects, observing their landing mechanics and applying the results to the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) Test we will be able to tell just how much of an effect fatigue can have on the subjects. The implications being that if the results differ significantly an athlete should work on their landing mechanics in order to help prevent a future injury.
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Previous studies along a similar subject have looked at the effect of fatigue on landing performance in athletes who have previously suffered an ACL injury; this was completed using 12 subjects (Gokeler et al., 2014). Fatigue was found to affect the group negatively in Gokeler’s study. Both groups of subjects used had an increased LESS test score, with both scoring ‘poorly’ post fatigue inducing exercise. Our study differs in that we are using a larger group of subjects in a more randomised group, removing the bias of athletes that have already suffered a knee injury. The implications of this being; if the group scores higher LESS test results post exercise, should landing mechanics post fatigue be implemented into an athletes training routine with the goal of preventing potential injury in the future, regardless of injury history? Elsewhere, a study by Wesley et al., (2015) looked at the differences in LESS Scores post fatigue between different sexes. The key findings of their study being; women consistently demonstrated higher LESS scores than men, with both increasing post-exercise. It was also found that a relatively short period of intense exercise was sufficient to cause significant changes in landing mechanics. The methodology of Wesley’s’ study involved fatiguing the subjects using a number of drills including; cutting, weaving, bounding, squat jumps and step-ups with the instruction for the athletes to perform the drills at ‘game-speed’ or a high intensity, however this is at the subjects discretion with encouragement from the testers being their only motivation. Our study differs in that we’re using a multi-stage beep test to fatigue our athletes, the idea being that a quantifiable result will motivate the athletes and in due course work them to their maximum fitness level thus fatiguing them

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