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Faults Within Windows

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Faults within Windows OS
August 24, 2015
Dr. Boyd

Faults within Windows OS
The security within an operating system is vital to the overall operation of your operating system, and in this case even more important to Windows OS because of how it is used across various platforms. The security within Windows is provided to protect your operating system from any unwanted visitors whether it be accidental or not (Stallings, 2015), but not all security is perfect. Sometimes security contains flaws and some flaws are bigger than others and some flaws can destroy your system from the inside out. These faults can be patched and some are so minute that they can be resolved with something as little as switching the settings. Switching the settings sounds like something that would never be a fault, but what happens when the fault that was created was man made. The fault that lies within Windows was a nuisance but the real issued lied with how many users decided to handle that nuisance.
There are three different types of hackers trying to gain access to your system. These three hackers are called the Masquerader, the Misfeasor and the clandestine user. A Masquerader is someone who is not authorized but gains access and infiltrates your systems access controls to exploit your account ("Windows 7 Known Security Flaws", 2009). A Misfeasor is a person who has been granted access to data and resources but misuses and takes advantage of the information he has received ("Windows 7 Known Security Flaws", 2009). A clandestine user seizes control of a system and uses the control to gain access to controls ("Windows 7 Known Security Flaws", 2009). These intruders are the reason computers need security. These users create malware to steal information from you. This is made possible when your computer lacks the security needed to ensure you are notified of any outside interference. Some of these issues are created by the user and some are a computer related problem, but within Windows 7 the user creates the problem.
One of the biggest flaws within the Windows 7 system was its security pop ups. This may sound like a very small problem because it is, but what happens as a result of this fault could make the problem a very huge problem. The end users had endless pop ups that were meant to be designed to help but ultimately did more harm than good. This fault was created as a form of protection but became more of a nuisance. The security system within Windows 7 was created to inform users of someone trying to gain unauthorized access to your system, but it managed to inform users of everything no matter the severity of the issue ("Windows 7 Known Security Flaws", 2009)..
This created a spiral effect and made it impossible to determine if the threat was real or not. The notification occurred when you downloaded a new program that needed connection and when you actually had an intruder. This would leave users baffled and not knowing what was real and what was fake. This resulted in many users switching the settings from high notification security to medium notification security. The problem that occurred after switching your settings allowed malicious software bugs to go about their business within your operating system. The good thing is all the notifications are gone, but the bad thing is you just made the problem worse and allowed entrance to your operating system because it was impossible to detect when your computer was being compromised. The malicious bit of code operating within the medium setting could be used to turn off the user warning all together and allow a piece of software to gain administrative rights without any type of system notification. Windows then created a new operating system called Windows Vista that allowed the user to completely remove any and all security notifications like that was the best answer to their problem.
The true solution to this problem was very easy and for the sake of your information was the smartest route. Keep your security settings on high or do a regular check up on your computer to ensure that your system has not been compromised. A lot of this issue was man made because people were tired of being bombarded with excessive notifications, but the solution to their problem was simple. If the user reframes from using ill-advised sites and are doing a periodic virus scan medium settings are fine. Most security systems are not meant to take on the duty of being your only form of security, the security system is provided to help the user with things that may be out of his control. At no point should a user rely solely on the use of an operating systems security, but in the situation they do there are plenty of resources available to research and weigh their pros and cons.
Security faults exist and some are user encouraged. These faults are created because users believe the little adjustments they make to comfort them mean nothing. In reality these little minor issues sometimes become issues that are bigger and that’s when making sure you are notified if your compromised plays a huge role. Windows fault that is more of nuisance then a permanent problem, but the incorrect adjustments made within the settings create a landslide of a ripple effect with catastrophic results. Enjoy Windows OS for what it is and monitor it like the information you have on your computer is valuable. You never know when someone is aiming for your computer, so if you’re going to change settings always ensure that your consistently scan for viruses.

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