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Favor Beauty Salon

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Favor Beauty Salon, Jean's Green
Dennet R. Watson
MKT-308-8788-Marketing Management
September 7, 2013
Lisa Pearo

Favor Beauty Salon, Jean's Green
Favor Beauty Salon is the primary supplier of Jean’s Green hair care products. Located in Wichita, Kansas, Favor Beauty Salon is a place where the clientele is treated like family. Women, men and children frequent the salon for a variety of services ranging from a shampoo, blow dry and curling iron service for women, to a shave and haircut for men.
A vast majority of the clientele are looking for products and services that cater to their desires of wearing their hair in its all-natural state. Jean’s Green just happens to be that product. Since Jean’s Green is an all-natural product made from natural fruits and vegetable oils, what better product for clients wanting natural hair. The day of spending a fortune on chemicals that continuously damage the natural curl pattern of the hair is over.
Jean’s Green is still in its infancy stage as a new product line. Its most important issues are to continue to take a meek fiscal approach. The wise fiscal approach would be to expand at a leisurely pace for the sake of adequate expansion. Some important factors to the success of Favor Beauty salon and Jean’s Green are professionalism, convenience, and customer attention.
A portion of the company’s budget will be used for advertising in various manners. The most effective advertisement is that of word of mouth. As customers are satisfied, they will spread the word and have visual proof of what the product can do for them. More and more people from all demographics will learn about Jean’s Green and what Favor Beauty Salon has to offer. Advertisements will be placed in two or three of the local newspapers, The Wichita Eagle, The Wichita Daily Times, and The Hutchinson News. The Wichita papers reach a very large demographic base…...

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