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I am passionate about Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Crème (QHCBC). “Queen Helene® brand has been a leader in quality and beauty products for professional and personal use since 1930. Our products are inspired by nature’s finest ingredients because they are safer, and often more effective, than harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. We are proud to have created a full line of affordable and effective body care products that are still passed on from generation to generation” (Queen Helene, 2015).

This brand has become one of my favorite brands because it provides a natural remedy oppose to risky and expensive cosmetic procedures that promise youthful skin. This product provides longer lasting soft and smooth skin than most brands on the market. Although other brands may have more notoriety, like Palmer’s cocoa butter, it provides lower grade ingredients. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is a more expensive product and because of its mass production it beats QHCBC in popularity with consumers.

Palmer’s provides a diminished product that wears out fast when used which causes consumers to have to reapply the product constantly opposed to QHCBC. I can apply QHCBC once, and it is penetrated into my skin through the day even after washing my hands. QHCBC is my favorite brand because it is applicable to the body and face. Unlike other products designated for a specific body part and is affordable and is carried in a wide variety of stores that offers hair products.

I was introduced to this product in my mid-thirties after going through hormonal changes in my body which caused severe dry skin. “This luxuriously rich, non-greasy crème blends cocoa butter and lanolin to quench and relieve moisture-starved skin. Protects from dryness caused by over-exposure; helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles, and soothes discomforts of stretched skin during and after pregnancy” (Queen Helene, 2015). Queen Helene produces loyal customers by providing a variety of products for all demographics and ethnic backgrounds, and they market to all.

Queen Helene products are available at Walmart, Walgreens, ULTA, and online through vendors such as; Amazon and EBay. These products are budget conscience, thus allowing consumers to splurge on more than one item. This company does not test their products on animals and is eco-friendly that appeals to consumers that are against animal testing and are concerned about the earth and carbon footprints companies leave behind.

In addition to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cream mentioned in this paper, there is Nadinola Cocoa Butter Cream. Nadinola was not long lasting and does not provide a thick coat. Additionally, this is not easily accessible; it is only available online which include shipping fees. Both these products are more expensive than QHCBC and are not at the same caliber of this product.

I continue to try other brands out of curiosity and have yet to a better product. I appreciate the availability of my favorite product in retail stores. This product is long lasting and keeps my skin moist all day. I apply it once daily.

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