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Introduction of Client Company (Super Bank)
Client Company is a financial institute named as Super Bank which serves their customers on daily basis via several nationwide branches and their ATMs accordingly. As discussed in last assignment, the current data service provider’s poor performance is badly affecting the company business and so an initiative has been taken to introduce a new service provider for smooth and seamless operation of Super Bank. Super bank has currently 100 nationwide branches and 50 ATMs and their Head office is located in Lahore. Following are some of the departments which are included in the completion of their new project, as they have to search a service provider that has to satisfy their specifications. 1. Network Support Department (NSD)
This department includes the professional network Engineers which are monitoring the network of all the branches with Head Office. Link of each branch is monitored via NMS (Network Management System) ORION. Department contains a Head of Department, Manager Networks, an Assistant Manager Networks and Network engineers. So this team has to be familiar with the new data services provided by a provider and their devices which will be placed in each branch. 2. System Support Department (SSD)
System engineers in this department are responsible for overall maintenance of the internal network of each branch i.e LAN side. They are divided among regions and require travelling also in order to diagnose and resolve the issues related to their internal connectivity and devices like switches, computers, printers etc. This team also works in coordination with NSD team as WAN and LAN side has to merge at every branch. As the devices will be provided by a service provider, so training and basic understanding of the internal network with the WAN side is...

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