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Fc Dallas Case Study

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Jake Smith
Sport Marketing
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FC Dallas Case Study
FC Dallas is facing a challenge of re-energizing its advance and walk up sales, along with continuing to market to the 18-34 year old soccer connected males. They had great success initially and were able to convert most of the new fans into permanent fans with season tickets and mini plan sales. Unfortunately they also saw a corresponding decrease in advance and walk up sales.
We got a lot of good information in this study, if I could have more I would like to know the ticket prices and perhaps what the 4 groups prefer to pay per ticket for a game. I’d like to see how much the price range changed from weekends and weeknights.
The organization’s goals are to balance their sales, they want 4,000 walk up and in advance tickets to be sold. The past season they averaged 2,000 per game. Their focus is on those 18-34 year old soccer connected males because that’s where their success thus far has come from.
The marketing strategy I would like to implement is one that brings in the most revenue opportunities possible. I suggest to put in a strategy where we focus very closely on Pub Partnerships. The Pub Partnerships are where we plan 8 watch parties, which will turn the pubs into landing spots for fans on game days if they can’t make the game. We will advertise FC Dallas players and current events, which will really collect the interest of possibly the biggest support group FCD has, the Dallas Beer Guardians. They’re the largest support group for FCD, they represent one of the rowdiest sections in the MLS and no doubt spend a lot of money. We need to use our $75,000 to promote our watch parties, and advertise our program in the pubs around Dallas/Fort Worth. The more we are able to grow the brand and the family that we have, the more money we will bring...

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