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Data Defenses
In this section I learned redundancy is actually a good thing! I’m used to it being a rather pesky thing to deal with but that’s only in conversation. It makes sense seeing how when most people set up a computer or network, they expect it to operate in a day one state until the end of time. I’ve never seen people keep a lot of similar spare parts on hand, or have an Uninterruptible Power Supply on hand. Some just rely on the backup generator, but I think it’s never too smart to have a backup for the backup.
File encryption was very interesting. I learned not only how to encrypt files, but also who gained access to those files. I knew it could be done, but didn’t know how until now. That’s something that I can always use whether it’s at my job or at home with my kids. That way I can safeguard important things and not worry if they have been altered or deleted. I didn’t know about bit locker either. It’s more than I will need but it’s good to know you can micromanage an entire system and control everything.
Cloud computing was a topic I really didn’t care for just because I have issues with the security aspect. Cloud has taken off and is becoming more relevant, but there is too much that comes with it. We already have problems with companies keeping information safe under their own roof, and to trust it somewhere offsite in my opinion is beyond ridiculous. It creates a catch 22 situation for one side and finger pointing between both. I’d rather just secure my own information and be totally responsible, then bring a service provider in that might not uphold securing information as strong as I do.

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