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Case Challenge
Bingo! Mad Angles
July 2012

Registered Teams will submit a case analysis document comprising no more than 5 pages of single spaced, 12-point font (including illustrations and excluding TOC, Cover page). Along with the word document each team must submit a 10-slide presentation of the case analysis/solution suggested. There is no pre-determined structure to analyse the case. Participants are free to use any format which best illustrates and provides convincing arguments for their idea. Wherever necessary, the participants must make references to the sources of information and data. Case presentations will be judged based on identified criteria – the originality, creativity and uniqueness of the idea will receive the highest weightage; the implementability, sustainability and scalability of the idea; its fit with ITC’s vision and the manner in which it can leverage ITC’s strengths; the thoroughness of research, analytics and economic logic used to defend viability and execution of the idea. Last date for submission of case solutions is 7th August 2012. Teams must send their entries to the email ID provided for the campus. For full details please refer to the Interrobang Season 2 Case Challenge Brochure available with your Campus Point of Contact or contact

ITC Interrobang Season 2 Case Challenge : Bingo! Mad Angles

Bingo! Mad Angles
ITC Interrobang Case Challenge 20121

The early 2000’s at ITC Limited Headquarters, Kolkata Indian Consumers in the eyes of manufacturers are almost like a “Bird of Gold”. With an Urban population growing much faster than the total population it is expected to account for 37% of Indian population by 2025 vis-à-vis just a 26% in 2005. It is forecasted that Indian GDP is to grow at 7.3% for the next two decades against the 6.0% growth rate that India has seen in the last two...

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