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Classroom management is the foundation of a student’s ability to have a successful year in school. No matter what academic level each student who walks into my classroom is at, learning cannot take place unless I first establish a positive learning environment. I have learned from my own children that they are happiest when boundaries are established, expectations are clear, and there is no confusion with how our household is going to run or the consequences they will face if they choose not to follow the rules. The same is true for the students within our classrooms. The boundaries I establish at the beginning of the year sets the tone for the duration of the time my students will spend with me. When there is a well thought out plan and students are aware of what is expected, no matter the activity, students will experience effective learning.
Centers are an effective teaching strategy that allows self-directed learning amongst students. During a 90 minute reading block, I plan to use literacy centers while I am reading in small groups. This activity will be used every day for the entire year so it will be extremely important for my students to understand the appropriate procedures and my expectations for center time. My first expectation of my students at all center time activities is to use only a 12 inch voice, my second expectation is for my students to respect their peers and materials at each station, my third expectation is to stay on task, and my final expectation for center time is for my students to leave the station tidy and as it was when they arrived. To ensure these expectations are followed, my first step is to organize my materials and teach my students were everything goes. I plan to show my students exactly how I expect the center to look when they are finished with all the materials by having them practice cleaning up. Next, I will

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