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Systems Analysis and Design
Seventh Edition

End of Chapter Solutions

Chapter NINE

System Architecture


1. Jesse wants me to recommend a vendor who offers an ERP strategy. I need to review SAP and Oracle Web sites, and at least two others that offer ERP solutions, and reply to her with the results and the reasons for my recommendations. Answers will vary. Students should realize that SCR foresees a dynamic future. With this in mind, an ERP strategy would be highly desirable. Students should have a basic understanding of ERP. When they research on the Internet, students should be able to find more material they can use in their recommendations. For reference purposes, the following screens are provided:



2. Visit SCR’s data library to review SCR’s network configuration and then send Jesse a recommendation for the TIMS system architecture. She wants me to suggest an overall client/server design, number of tiers, and network topology. She also asked me to comment on these issues: legacy data, Web-centricity, scalability, security, and batch processing that might be needed. Jesse said it was OK to make reasonable assumptions in my proposal to her. Student answers will vary. Students should start by viewing the SCR network shown in the Data Library. Based on information in this chapter and previous SCR assignments, students should be able to form an opinion regarding SCR’s TIMS system. Most students will conclude that a client/server architecture should be used, and that a two-tier design probably would support SCR’s needs. With regard to network topology, not enough information is provided to form a definite conclusion. The main objective is to have students understand topology characteristics generally and accurately describe whatever...

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