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APRIL 2013

UNIVERSITY OF INCARNATE WORD 4/2/2013 PECAN HALL TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/2/2013 CCC/CCC200 ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY 4/3/2013 LOH LOBBY OUR LADY OF THE LAKE 4/3/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY 4/4/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/4/2013 LOH LOBBY/CCC200 UTSA* 4/4/2013 CCC/CCC200 OUR LADY OF THE LAKE 4/8/2013 LOH LOBBY UNIVERSITY OF INCARNATE WORD 4/8/2013 LOH LOBBY OUR LADY OF THE LAKE 4/9/2013 LOH LOBBY TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/9/2013 CCC/CCC200 TROY UNIVERSITY 4/9/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) THE ART INSTITUTE 4/9/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY 4/10/2013 LOH TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/11/2013 LOH LOBBY/CCC200 TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY 4/15/2013 LOH LOBBY SCHREINER UNIVERSITY 4/16/2013 LOH LOBBY TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/16/2013 CCC /CCC200 ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY 4/17/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) OUR LADY OF THE LAKE 4/17/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) UNIVERSITY OF INCARNATE WORD 4/17/2013 LOH LOBBY ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY 4/17/2013 LOH LOBBY TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/18/2013 CCC /CCC200 ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY 4/18/2013 LOH LOBBY OUR LADY OF THE LAKE (AC1G) 4/22/2013 LOH LOBBY UNIVERSITY OF INCARNATE WORD 4/22/2013 LOH LOBBY TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/23/2013 LOH LOBBY /CCC200 TROY UNIVERSITY 4/24/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) UTSA* 4/24/2013 LOH LOBBY/CCC200 OUR LADY OF THE LAKE 4/25/2013 LOH LOBBY OUR LADY OF THE LAKE 4/25/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/25/2013 CCC/CCC200 OUR LADY OF THE LAKE 4/30/2013 CCC (cafeteria area) TEXAS A&M SAN ANTONIO* 4/30/2013 LOH LOBBY/CCC200 UTSA* 4/30/2013 CCC/CCC200 *One-on-One advising sessions available with Texas A&M San Antonio and UTSA during their afternoon hours by appointment only. Please contact the CaTS Center at (210)486-4126 or stop by our office in the Cypress Campus Center #200 to make an appointment.

Time 9:00 -12:00...

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