Fdi Foreign Direct Investment

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Manchester Metropolitan Business School
2012/13 Academic Year
Unit: International Business Theory and Practice (5Q5Z0047)
Unit Leader Dr Sougand Golesorkhi


Submission Date: Wednesday 23th January 2013
Weighting: 40% of the total mark for the Unit
Form: The assignment should be prepared in the style of a formal Academic Paper
Structure of the Academic Paper
This is to summarise and highlight the main findings that include an evaluation of main points and suggestions of better alternatives, recommendations, policy and/or managerial implications.
Theoretical background
This section should contain an introduction, and a focused literature review relating to relevant themes and topics. It should also establish the theoretical framework in which the paper is situated.
Empirical evidence and data analysis
This section should start to develop the arguments that you wish to make. It will present and draw upon relevant case study materials and other appropriate forms of evidence and commentary. Data should support your arguments and highlight examples of theory in real-world practice. You should aim to explain the relevance (to the subject area and your line of argument) of any examples deployed.
Interpretation and discussion
This section provides an opportunity for you to expand upon your argument by analyzing and interpreting relevant data, evidence and commentary. Here you should compare various competing strands of argumentation (where relevant), and provide a structured, evidence-based discussion of your thoughts and findings with respect to the topic at hand. This section should also include short concluding remarks – refer back to the question and focus on (a) how you have addressed this, and (b) the main points and messages that emerge from your work
All references should be complete and should…...