Work Group Scenarios
Harvey Smith IV
February 26, 2012
Scott Perales

Work Group Scenarios

First I will look at the user’s title, department, and organizational unit. I can see that I have four different organizational units, three different departments, various levels and permissions that I would need to assign for the various users being assigned. Then I would have to determine what type of user would each users account would be, to see who would have what access to what domain resources. I would group the sales department, the education department, the manufacturing department, and research department.
But at the discretion of the department managers allow who will have interdepartmental access to that departments resources, this will allow for the manufacturing manager to access sales reports to determine rather or not production should raised or lowered. This allows for departments to share resources like files, faxes, and printers. As for security each department manager will have exclusive access to that department’s resource, but can allow rights and permissions across departments.
Each user would be assigned a computer and an account for logging-in. There would be three different groups with assigned administrator’s who would manage group resources. This allows each department manager power to grant rights and permission in their department and across departments. For example, the sales managers can allow salesperson’s access to their sales report by having a program that runs department sales reports. The system will have a folder that salesperson’s would have permission to access, without allowing too much access that could jeopardize the privacy of others in the department or across the domain.…...

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