Feasibility of Pre -Primary School Business

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The project aims to know the possibility of entrepreneurship in starting pre/primary schools in Pune with good return on investment. The nurseries to be set up should be started keeping in mind its demand and the basic factors which are contributing to their demand. With this study we tried to understand the growing need for such entrepreneurial opportunities. Entrepreneurship in set up of pre nurseries is in demand because of increase in level of educated parents and income levels, who also expect their children to learn and progress right from the beginning. Entrepreneurship not only involves starting a business but also to nurture it till it grows and start giving the fruits. Study on entrepreneurial opportunity in primary education sector also includes profitability of starting a pre-school and the growth opportunities it provides.
1. To determine the feasibility and profitability of entrepreneurial opportunities in pre/primary education sector in Pune.

2. To study the factors surrounding the set-up of Pre-nursery and also to provide a template to an entrepreneur to start any business.
1. Study is limited to only PUNE city.
2. Study has been conducted in specific locations within the city. These locations are:
a) Wanorie (Panda Kids)
b) Magarpatta city (Euro kids, Zee Kids)
c) Koregaon Park (Innovations)
3. Target respondents are limited to:
a) Parents of the students studying in the schools as mentioned
b) Teachers and staff of the respective schools
c) Franchise owners of the respective schools

Chapter 2
Review of Literature
1. Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (Government Of Pakistan:
A study conducted by Small and Medium Enterprise development authority of Pakistan in Sept 2006 concluded that Montessori school education is the first…...