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Getting enough sleep after a tiring day is sometimes not enough to give glow and fullness to your physical well-being. If you are the workaholic type of person, then take this as an advice – you need more than sleep and right diet. Undergoing a spa treatment at least once a week can give you a relaxed feeling and it can also give you mental comfort. But what is a spa anyway?

Spa is a treatment that’s more close to a water treatment or balneotherapy (bath treatment). If you will notice, most of spa houses and resorts also offer health remedies and treatments. There are also various types of spa, depending on the health benefits it gives. Here are some of the known spas: Ayurvedic spa, Club spa, Cruise Ship spa, Day spa, Dental spa, Garden spa, and Medical spa and Mineral Springs spa.

The use of spa treatment dates back in the pre historic -times, when people had to travel in hot or cold springs, hoping to be cured on certain ailments. There was a case that Bronze Age weapons and offerings were found in hot springs in countries France and Czech Republic. Romans, Native Americans, Egyptians, Persians and Babylonians even believe that spa is one way to one’s physical and spiritual sanctification. Ritual ceremonies and bathing rituals are done in a spring or well. While in Greek and Roman times, spa has been well-known for relaxation and personal hygiene. Small bathtubs, basins and baths for foot are just few of the tools used back then for personal cleanliness. In the early times, people who belonged in the upper class would have spa treatments using precious tools like bathtubs made up of alabaster – as a sign of luxurious lifestyle.

In the 20th century, spa has developed into treatment that provides relaxation rather than on medical purposes. Although there are medical remedies that a spa treatment causes, still more people are flocking to spa towns in search of relaxing services. Spa treatment is often performed in resorts, day spa, and beauty salon and even in schools.

Spa has various treatments depending on the patient’s preference. There are treatments like: aromatherapy, bathing or soaking, hot spring, hut tub, mud bath, peat pulp bath, sauna and steam bath. There are also other treatments like body wraps where the patient will be wrapped in hot linens, blankets, mud wraps and plastic sheets in concoction of herbal compounds. Yoga and meditation are also available on some spas, as well as waxing which is a hair removal treatment.

It is a growing field in Philippines. Philippines vacation spas combine a wide variety of recreational activities with a renewing spa experience, where people spend an extended period of time to fully immerse themselves in several spa treatments. These spas are designed to provide a beautifying, relaxing, or pampering experience with individual treatments that last for as little as an hour or multiple treatments that may take up to a whole day. Philippines spas are freestanding or located in health clubs, hotels, resorts, shopping centers, department stores, and even at individual locations.

The history of spa is truly a magnificent proof that hygiene and medication are some of the things that people focus on. A spa treatment can give you health and mental relaxation so doesn’t have half the mind in giving yourself a swell treat like this! BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

The Thermae Spa is a massage center specializing in affordable Traditional massages (indigenous therapies), body scrubs and other spa treatments. Treatments consist of indigenous and traditional massages and other full body treatments set in the modern spa setting done by well-trained dedicated massage therapists. The Thermae Spa a great spa treatments to everyone at affordable prices starting from 70 pesos (10-minute Express Massage) to 400 pesos (1-hour The Thermae Spa Massage). Every treatment is ended with the warm Filipino gratitude and 1 merienda meal.


Our Mission:

➢ We aim to help maintain the tradition, culture, to provide affordable spa wellness treatment and to restore health and expresses beauty but not just for physical aspect but also for inner benefits of the body such as mind and spiritual.

➢ The Thermae Spa wants spread the high quality form of service within our hands and maintain the integrity and essence of every wellness treatment whether in the spa or at home, to promote tradition, culture, alternative and modern way of medication in holistic approach.

➢ To grant employment opportunities locally and create a community of well-earning, satisfied professionals with an intact commitment to serve with courtesy live the wellness principles.

➢ To share wealth through wellness guided by values of responsibility to others returning wealth in form that can be utilized by less privileged, the community and environment.

Our Vision:

➢ The Thermae Spa is passionate in building a long-term relationship by providing an extraordinary customer service in clean, relaxing and opulent surrounds.

➢ Uplifting health and integrating traditional wellness system into Filipino's way of life

• To sustain health and well-being.


The global spa movement is not simply as a business. . It is a cause, and for many a calling. Without health, people don't have the energy to pursue innovation and change the world.

Spa as a business is not easy as what we think; it involves a great responsibility because in every service, a life of a customer is in our hand. But in spite of that responsibility we still choose this kind of business. We know that with this business we can help many people by giving a healthy living life.

We chose a Filipino traditional kind of spa that offers services that are forgotten by some Filipino’s like HAPLOS, PAIKOT, and PATULAK. With these, you’re sure to be relieved of pain and discomfort. We know that not more than 10 spas are located here in San Mateo, Rizal and there services offered are mostly new. And because of this we’ve seen a great opportunity to build a spa which will be located at Ampid (upper part of Mercury Drug Store), San Mateo, Rizal. The presence of competitors with this industry here in San Mateo is very few. With this spa, we can maintain the healthy living life of our customers.

For some people, they think that going in a Spa is just a vanity, but a trip to a spa is not extravagance. In this generation where stress looms every second, you certainly need a short break to get away to relax. A short trip to tropics is a great way to de-stress, but it takes time, money and effort to plan for such a trip, but now in our business, a trip to a spa will be quick and affordable.

The main purpose of “The Thermae Spa” is to help our customers to maintain their healthy living life. According to Jeremy McCarthy, one of the most interesting thinkers in the spa profession, Jeremy explains why spas are so good at doing what they do -- making people feel good -- and how that expertise can help transform our nation's health and well-being.

There are so many things that Spa helps you to have a healthy body :

□ It improves blood circulation

□ Reduces stress

□ Reduces anxiety

□ Improves balance and posture

□ Mental benefits

□ Improve flexibility and breathing

□ Manage sleeping patterns

□ Management of body aches and pains

□ Enhances body energy

□ Helps in better body movement

□ Detoxifies the body

□ Helps to lower body fat

□ Helps to prevent hypertension and blood pressure


One of the more challenging aspects of The Thermae Spa are hiring and retaining good employee. These responsibilities can be time-consuming and there’s so much riding on employees’ skills. The Thermae Spa wants that their ability and talent, as well as their attitude and work ethic will influence every aspect of the business from client retention ate to bottom line.

Here are some applicants qualification needed:
Massage Therapists

• Knowledgeable in aromatherapy, reflexology, Filipino massage/remedial massage is beneficial

• Should know either of the two: Anatomy and physiology or pathology Beauty therapists • We also accept National diplomas, with a minimum of 2 years and include the following subjects: Face cleansing therapy, face electrical treatments, electrical body treatments, manicure, pedicure and full body massage
Nail technicians • Need to have a certificate for the system acrylic nails as a basic. This can be the creative system, easy flow system. • Nail technicians need to have 1-year experience and be able to do a new full set of acrylic nails in 1 hour 10 minutes • You will also be asked to demonstrate a polish
• Your English needs to be of a very high level and you need to speak at least one of the following languages; Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese • You are the face of the spa, therefore you will need to have an exceptional professional appearance and excellent communication skills

Owner/Operator: As an operator of The Thermae Spa, we consider ourselves as employees too. Our day to day responsibilities will include over seeing operation, making sure that the customer service is top priorities, making financial decisions, checking spa products, handling personnel matter and hiring new staffs. In short, we manage the day t day operations in The Thermae Spa.

Manager: The manager can handle tasks like paperwork, record-keeping, employee scheduling and purchasing. He or she will also oversee spa maintenance and handle facility management issues. This person should have the authority to act on our behalf in our absence long-term success.

Receptionist: In addition to greeting customers as they arrive, the receptionist answers the phone, books appointments, gives directions, cashes out customers and performs various other customer service duties like making coffee or even hanging up coats for clients. Aesthetician: This is one of the most skilled people on your spa staff. Our Aestheticians hold a special license from the state so they can provide services like facials, waxing, massage and other specialty body-care services.

Massage Therapist: Although an aesthetician can provide many massage services, The Thermae spa’s massage therapist has a higher level of training and additional expertise. Manicurist: As previously noted, the manicurist may be part of either the hair salon or spa staff. This professional provides services like manicure; pedicures and acrylic nail application and tipping and must be a qualified beautician.


Base on the studies that we have been conducted, The Spa owners pay the receptionists based on the minimum wage of provincial rate here in the Philippines. The massage therapists and estheticians on a piecework basis. Instead of salary, they are paid a 20 % commission or set price for each service they made.

TRAINING PROGRAMS The Thermae Spa management wants to have a successful outcome in the industry that is why we offer training for all our applicants before they start to work in the company. We Train them in Customer care and Cosmetology Services. We also offer massage training for our therapist for 1-2 weeks before they start to work in our Spa and give them allowance per day.

FACILITIES Unlike most other spas in San Mateo Rizal, the theme of The Thermae Spa is old Filipino paying tribute to the humble local nipa hut. Facilities would include waiting lounge, massage/body scrub cubicles, and massage chairs, shower and suob (steam) chamber.

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