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The main objective of all federal, state, and local level is to have better infrastructure so that public health should be maintained and a healthy living is very important. To deal with diseases they should have enough money and prepare themselves for various emergencies. This will help the whole nation to become healthy. There are other factors which help in healthy life of public. These are better transportation, good communication, internet facility in remote areas etc. There are three main factors which contribute in public health through federal, state or local level.
These are highly qualified employees which are efficient in their work and with good dedication so that more and more people can take advantage. Secondly proper information and data should be there so that urgent action can be taken for the betterment of the society. Thirdly many agencies should be given responsibility to find the needs for the public health. Accordingly action can be taken to deal with the needs.
By continuous accessing the health status and solving them instantly is main objective of federal, state, and local level. If a disease is spread in an area according to that proper diagnosing and correct treatment should be done so that disease can be in control and should not be spread more. By education and by giving knowledge related to health problem can be provided to the people so that they can stay away from the diseases and remain healthy.
These all responsibilities are of federal, state, and local level. By solving the health problems of public and giving better internet connectivity to the remote areas so that they can be updated related to heath issues and can get treatment in emergencies.
Federal, state, and local level have to plan certain policies and proper health support system should be provided to every individual. By forming policies it will help the public to…...

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