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Fedex Role in Marketing

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A Large amount of FedEx’s corporate budget is allocated to marketing. With budgets of 28 billion dollars annually only demonstrates how much FedEx is determined to maintain its market leadership. FedEx has poured a large amount of their marketing budget into sports realizing that this area was essential to meet the marketing objectives.
Steve Pacheco during his 11 year tenure, who was the cornerstone of the company’s high-quality advertising during the Super Bowl games has managed to secure this spot 12 times. Steve has realized the large audience that the Super Bowl attracts with audiences of over 111 million people. He knows that there is no other marketing means available today that draws that kind of crowd and the spot is worth every penny. In 2007 the company embarked upon several other sporting sponsorship deals such as Golf tournaments which were inclusive of a self-named tournament called the “FedEx Cup”. Other sporting associations the company did marketing through are NFL, NBA and NCAA. NASCAR was also used for promoting the company when it dubbed that promotional campaign “Everyday is Race day”. Pacheco stated, “The message that every day is race day is a great attribute. The campaign plays into the company’s characteristics because we race every day to get your packages delivered on time.”
FedEx continues to be a leader by maintaining various means of courier services. These services include FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Trade, and a 24/7 toll free customer support telephone line. FedEx Mobile app is another strategy by FedEx in ensuring that customers have an on their package where ever they are. “We've had a mobile site in place for eight or nine years but largely kept it in containment until the market was ready for mobile transactions,” Charlie Ciaramitaro, director of marketing for FedEx Services and the leader of and the...

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