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Feed A Family On A Budget Essay

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How to feed a family on a budget.
Feeding a family on the budget has become hard for the low-income family. People’s conception of healthy food is expensive. Feeding a family on a budget has helped people to pay the loan and invest surplus income to another reason. But with a smart shopping strategy and research, the family budget has reduced to a substantial amount. According to USDA, for a four-membered family, a low-cost food plan is $193 a week, which is 38% higher than ten years ago. These are the step by step procedure to cut the family budget possible.
First, always plan the for the grocery with family. Taking the time to plan your meals for a week is a great way to save money when implemented properly to get the most bang for your buck, you will need to plan meals around what’s already in your pantry and then around what’s on sale. Organize yourself to cook a meal, whether that’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ask your family what they like to eat and cook the food which is loved by everyone in the family. Try to be creative and rotate the meal plan every week so that everyone is cheerful for having food.

Always look for the cheapest grocery chain nearby you. Comparing the grocery prices can help
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One can shop for best possible deals by spending few hours a week on couponing which can cut the grocery bills up to 50%. To get started find the coupon from the store, local newspaper, fliers, coupon websites. After that, match the items in which you are interested and check if the item is available to shop, and then use the coupon when you check out for an item. And also there are various mobile application that scans the grocery bills and gives that cash back on the product which is bought. But be cautious while using coupons as it might be addictive, and also it takes more time and effort for planning for shopping

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