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The feedback skill of interpersonal communication is beneficial to the workplace as it improves performance by enhancing creativity, promoting trust, and strengthening individual motivation (Baker, Perreault & Reid, 2013). Interpersonal communication can be defined as a type of continuous communication between people, that treat each others as unique individuals. This occurs systematically and throughout this engagement both parties construct and reflect selected personal information to create shared meaning (Wood, 2013). Interpersonal communication occurs when people genuinely reveal who they are and what they feel to each other. The interpersonal skill of feedback helps to create shared meaning by indicating higher responsiveness (Wood, 2013). Eunson (2012) states that feedback is a type of communication response that aims to provide advice and critique to another person supportively. In the workforce feedback can be used constructively to provide information on employees to promote positive change by reflection of performance goals and recent behaviours, this aligns employer performance with the company's objectives (Baker, A & Perreault, D & Reid,A 2013). For feedback to be beneficial in the workplace it must be effective to encourage the receptiveness towards ideas that aim to modify behaviour. The way feedback is delivered alters the receivers perception of the intended messages, the perception of organisational fairness and being treated respectful influences job satisfaction and the willingness to engage in extra role duties (Sommer, K & Kulkarni,M 2012). Furthermore, a feedback friendly culture is beneficial to the workplace as it increases acceptability to both inform and formal feedback which in turn is useful to employees as it stultifies role clarity, job satisfaction, and career motivation (Baker, Perreault & Reid, 2013)....

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