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Federal State Educational Institution
Of Higher Education
"Saint-Petersburg State
University of Engineering and Economics"

Department of International Management

Coursework on discipline
"International Management"
The study of marketing environment on the example of South Africa

Fulfilled: Kulikov Evgeny
Group 2/5591
3rd year
Faculty VSHEM
Leader: Ph. D. in Economics, docent Grishchenko T.

Contents 2
Economic inspection in South Africa 3
The New Growth Path and Industrial Policy Action Plan 8
Investment promotion and facilitation 12
South Africa’s investment landscape 16
Government management of incentives program 19
Catalogue of incentives 20
About PEST and SWOT 22
PEST analysis 23
SWOT Analysis: 26
Соnclusion 28
Sources 30

Economic inspection in South Africa

Trade and investment policies are critical for addressing the development challenges of Africa and achieving sustainable economic growth for the region.
EDIP's work is broadly divided into three streams: (1) Research on global economic governance in order to understand the broader impact on the region and identifying options for Africa in its participation in the international financial system. (2) Issues analysis to unpack key multilateral (World Trade Organisation), regional and bilateral trade negotiations. It also considers unilateral trade policy issues lying outside of the reciprocal trade negotiations arena as well as the implications of regional economic integration in Southern Africa and beyond. (3) Exploration of linkages between traditional trade policy debates and other sustainable development issues, such as climate change, investment, energy and food security.
SAIIA (South African Institute of International Affairs) gratefully acknowledges the Swedish International...

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