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The Taboo Of Boobs

Introduction: Boobs, boobies, jugs, tits, suckers, knockers, hooters or breasts. Over time breasts have developed many different names and new meanings. Some may look at boobs as nothing more than just the anatomy of a female, while others love them, and some think that they are evil and a mark of death. In every era, from early and middle ages, through the renaissance, and then 19th and twentieth century, breasts have fascinated human beings. Breasts are more than a body part that we need for reproduction, they play a major role in the development of society and our social norms. The controversy of importance is argued by doctors as well as piers. Today most people affiliate breasts with vanity. People have always loved the beauty in breasts, but society has lost the value in them and why they are beautiful. What is so great to look at, when everyone’s got them, and if they don’t, they can buy some at your local doctor’s office. So why do people buy them? And is bigger the better? There really isn’t an answer to that question because they are both very broad topics and constantly changing. We can try and interpret these answers with social norms which vary in different cultures, or we can look at research and biology and try and answer the questions scientifically. Either approach will lead you to controversy because over time there purpose in life has changed significantly. And there are debates all over the world today about how and when should breasts be exposed. Boobs in the big picture are an attraction for men and feature for women.
Sociology: Humans are obsessed with women’s breasts and since the beginning of man the breast has been the first source of nourishment and comfort. It is innate for a human of any age to be attracted to breasts and we are conditioned to get pleasure from...

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