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Feminist Views on Rape

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Feminist Stances on Rape
Causes, Activism and Prevention
Understanding the many different studies and work done by feminists regarding rape and sexual violence.

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Anti-Rape Movement………………………………………………4
Feminist Perspective…………………………..…………………..7
Amelioration Vs. Backlash……………………………………...9
The definition of rape has been something of dispute for the last number of years. Rape usually is understood to involve some sort of sexual penetration of a person by force or without consent. Rape is committed more by males, usually on a female.

In the last three decades, feminist have worked and studied rape with the collective agenda to work towards changing rape in a social and legal manor. Feminist thought and activism have challenges the myth that rape is rape, showing that it is a common experience among girls and women. Although feminists have different theories on why rape occurs, and how to eliminate it, they share the notion that rape is wrong and work towards learning and teaching about rape prevention. This paper will touch on the anti-rape movement, the feminist perspective, and different hypothesis in learning about the different feminist theories of rape.
Anti-Rape Movement

Feminists have been working for decades towards raising awareness and changing the perspective of rape and sexual violence, with their main goal to eliminate sexual violence. The first wind of the anti-rape movement became apparent in the late 1960’s (Rose, 1977), since then feminist anti-rape literature, activism and policy development have increasingly polarized into two distinct genres. The first being the development of police...

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