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Feministic View of Filipino Beauty Commercials

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INTRODUCTION This study is conducted to determine the physical image of women portrayed by Filipino beauty commercials. A feministic view of these commercials is applied in trying to show the ideal image they present which influences the decisions and perceptions of women. Specifically, the researchers are defining how it has shaped the outlook of women towards beauty with regards to the physical aspects. The methods used to achieve results were documentary analysis and interviews. Through interviews, the researchers were able to generate information based on perceptions of selected individuals with expertise on feminism and visual communication. The documentary analysis deals with the examination of sample commercials which are part of the research scope.


This chapter contains the background of the study with a short introduction of the whole research and the reasons why the researchers chose the topic. It also contains the specific problems of the study as well as the theoretical and conceptual frameworks which were the foundation of the research. The limitations and scope are also provided in this chapter. It also contains the significance of the study to different people affected by the research and the definition of terms as to how they were used in the study.


As people tend to watch television, we also tend to encounter the commercials that come along with watching. According to a study conducted by McCann-Erickson in 1993, the portrait of the Filipino as a youth, media has truly become a surrogate parent. Kantar media also said that 40 percent of Filipinos watch TV for 5 hours and encounters about more than 8500 advertisements. The existence of TV commercials has greatly helped industries everywhere to promote their products. They have become an influential factor in the...

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