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Training module # WQ - 11

The chemistry of dissolved oxygen measurement

New Delhi, May 1999
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HP Training Module File: “ 11 Chemistry of DO measurement.doc”

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1 Module context
This module deals with significance and chemistry of dissolved oxygen measurement. Modules in which prior training is required to complete this module successfully and other available, related modules in this category are listed in the table below. While designing a training course, the relationship between this module and the others, would be maintained by keeping them close together in the syllabus and place them in a logical sequence. The actual selection of the topics and the depth of training would, of course, depend on the training needs of the participants, i.e. their knowledge level and skills performance upon the start of the course. No. 1 Module title Basic water quality concepts Basic chemistry concepts Code WQ - 01 • • • • • 3 How to prepare standard solutions WQ - 04 • •


WQ - 02

Objectives Discuss the common water quality parameters List important water quality issues Convert units from one to another Discuss the basic concepts of quantitative chemistry Report analytical results with the correct number of significant digits. Select different types of glassware Use an analytical balance and maintain it.
Prepare standard solutions.


How to measure dissolved...

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