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DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) provide another
option for students to demonstrate competencies for learning
in nontraditional ways. Originally designed for military service
members, DSST examinations are now available to both military
and civilian learners. More information on study guides and
examination options is available at http://www.getcollegecredit.
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List of unrecognized higher education accreditation organizations

Accreditation generally means that a school, university or program has been evaluated by an independent group, and meets that accrediting agency's educational standards. However the process is VOLUNTARY and it is not "necessary" to operate as often smaller programs simply cannot afford the cost of such an ongoing review process.

In an effort to keep program cost down and the current motivational based format, BU has not sought nor been approved by the US DOE, CHEA or DETC organizations and does not represent itself to be an accredited program of any of these organizations. BU incorporates an internal review or self-auditing approach to assure consistent standards that include but are not limited to:
Comments From Belford university

Wilmington National University

International Commission for Accreditation of Distance Education (ICADE).

Commission for Accreditation of Colleges and Secondary Schools (CACSS).

Liberty International University
The North American Accreditation Counsel (NAAC) and NOAMAC through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.
The Business and Technology programs at Liberty International University are accreditaed by the Commission for Accreditation of Colleges and…...