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DERIVATIONS — Computational No. Answer Derivation 41. b [(8 + 7 + 6) ÷ 36] × $540,000 = $ 315,000 (AD) ($540,000 - $ 315,000) ÷ 5 = $ 45,000. 42. b {$250,000 – [($250,000 × .2) + ($200,000 × .2) + ($160,000 × .2)]} ÷ 7 = $18,286. 43. c [(5/15 + 4/15 + 3/15) × $300,000] = $240,000 (AD) ($300,000 – $240,000) = $60,000 (BV) [$250,000 – ($60,000 ÷ 2)] × (1 – .3) = $154,000. 44. d $0, No cumulative effect; handle prospectively. 45. c [$630,000 – ($180,000 + $150,000)] ÷ 4 = $75,000. 46. d [($800,000 + $950,000) – ($475,000 + $625,000)] × (1 – .40) = $390,000. 47. b $0, No cumulative effect; handle prospectively. 48. c {($600,000 – [($600,000 ÷ 10) × 3]} ÷ 7 × 2 = $120,000. 49. b $420,000 × (1 – .40) = $252,000. 50. c $1,080,000 – ($712,000 – $636,000) = $1,004,000. 51. a $600,000 – ($360,000 – $300,000) = $540,000. 52. b $204,000 – {[($204,000 – $24,000) ÷ 6] × 3} = $114,000 ($114,000 – $15,000) ÷ (8 – 3) = $19,800. 53. a $0, no cumulative effect, handle prospectively (change in estimate). 54. a ($300,000 ÷ 6) × 3 = $150,000 $150,000 ÷ 5 = $30,000. 55. a $15,000 + $6,000 = $21,000 overstatement. 56. c $24,000 + $6,000 = $30,000 understatement. 57. d $7,500 (o) + $11,000 (o) + $6,000 (o) – $9,500 (u) = $15,000 (o). 58. c $11,000 (o) – $6,000 (u) – $9,500 (u) = $4,500 (u). 59. c $2,000 (o) + $11,000 (o) – $6,000 (u) – $9,500 (u) = $2,500 (u). 60. a 2011 NI = $51,000 (u) + $24,000 (u) = $75,000 (u). 2011 RE = $24,000 (u) [The 2010 $51,000 (o) is offset by 2011 $51,000 (u)]. 61. a $132,000 (u) + $156,000 (u) + $60,000 (u) + $28,800 (u) = $376,800 (u). 62. b $156,000 (u) + $84,000 (u) – $60,000 (o) + $60,000 (u) + $28,800 (u) = $268,800 (u). 63. c $156,000 (u) + $28,800 (u) = $184,800 (u). 64. d CE = $0, correction of error. 65. c $810,000 – = $642,000 66. a ($750,000 – [($750,000 – $30,000) ÷ 9]) × (1 – .40) = $402,000.

67. c $750,000 – [($750,000 – $30,000) ÷ 9 × 2] = $590,000. $590,000 × (1 – .40) = $354,000.

DERIVATIONS — CPA Adapted No. Answer Derivation 68. b Conceptual. 69. c $1,500,000 × (1 – .3) = $1,050,000. 70. a $800,000 × (1 – .3) = $560,000. 71. a $792,000 × 3/8 = $297,000 $297,000 + [($792,000 – $297,000 – $72,000) × 1/3] = $438,000. 72. b $595,000 × 3/15 = $119,000 $595,000 – $119,000 – [($595,000 – $119,000) × 1/7] = $408,000. 73. d ($120,000 – $108,000) + $156,000 + ($1,620,000 × .10) = $330,000. 74. b $500,000 ÷ 5 = $100,000. 75. c Conceptual. 76. a $54,000 (u) + $135,000 (u) – $45,000 (o) = $144,000 (u).

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