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1. What stress-related behaviors did you recognize within the scenario? * Malingering * Self-inflicting wounds * Recklessness or indiscipline

2. Which COSR risk factors did you recognize? * Anxious * Depression * Physical function disturbance * Disruptive forms * Memory loss
Leader actions to offset COSR may include the following: * Promote unit cohesion: utilizing the “team fight” concept to aid in helping Soldiers feel as though they are important members of a unified organization, not just an individual. * Conduct tough realistic training: utilizing the “train as you fight” principle aids mentally and physically in preparing Soldiers for the realities of what they may encounter in the deployment area. * Prepare the unit to endure battle losses: providing mental preparation and counseling aids in Soldiers emotional well-being when casualties occur among unit members.
3. Based on the scenario, what leader actions would you implement? Why? * Identify which situations or events increase stress or COSR: this will better equip leaders to prevent, lessen or, divert stress away from their Soldiers. * Compensate by reducing other stressors: this will aid in focusing Soldiers on the task at hand. * Take corrective actions and measures: providing visible results, actions, or consequences sends clear messages to other Soldiers in the unit. * Get advice from mental health personnel and/or combat stress personnel: utilizing medical personnel and subject matter experts will greatly aid in preventing or reducing COSR casualties.
4. Describe insight or value that you acquired from this practical exercise.

* The scenario provided a lot of vision as to the reactions that many soldiers have in definite situations. The soldier killing the insurgent as a “mercy killing” was shocking. In a way, that...

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