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Supply Chain Management
(A logistics Approach)

Course Facilitator

Muhammad Tariq Yousafzai Assistant Professor MBA Imsciences (Distinction Holder) MS Innovation and Business Creation

Course syllabus

Course literature
Langley, Coyle, Gibson, Novack, Bardi (2009), Managing Supply Chains – a logistics approach, 8th edition, South-Western

The aim of the course is to achieve an understanding and knowledge about the supply chain and logistics, its Participants, functions and flows and how these are interrelated and interacting. It introduces the students to analyze logistic flows for different products and services within and between firms in the supply chain. Further, students will get an insight of how changes in one part of the chain will influence the whole supply chain and its development. Students will also learn about the role and importance of recycling and reverse logistics.

Starting from customer demands the course analyzes the flows through the firm, from procurement and inbound flows, manufacturing and distribution and how these flows in turn are linked to those of suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and other partners. This will include warehousing and inventory management, the role of transportation, operation management, reverse logistics and recycling logistics system and service logistics. Based on the analysis, the course will discuss designs and strategies of supply chains for different products and services.

Learning outcome
Knowledge and understanding • On completion of the course, the successful student is expected to be able to - understand and use the basic concepts of supply chain management - understand how different purchasing and marketing methods can influence...

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